Secondary Education Social Studies

Challenge yourself to think on a global scale — and have your students do likewise.

We want you to confront the fundamental questions of life as you journey from student to secondary education social studies teacher. What connects us all? How does the past affect the future? What common threads can we see in politics? We help challenge you with intensive instruction in history, political science, geography, economics, psychology, sociology, and anthropology. And we layer that with mentoring faculty who prepare you as an educator with research-based teaching methods and concepts.

Field experience and student teaching help round out your education with real world experience. Our graduates are ready to take on their own social studies classroom at the middle school or high school level. This degree prepares students for professional teacher certification in grades 7-12.

Secondary Education Social Studies degree at York College
Our program provides a foundation in history, geography, economics, government, and sociology.
English writing class at York College of Pennsylvania

Explore the History and Political Science program

Explore how history has shaped who we are and how it will shape our future. Secondary education social studies majors fulfill their specialization with coursework in our History and Political Science program.

Prof. Monteith leads an Education class at York College

Your future in Secondary Education Social Studies

Our graduates have gone on to work for Chicago Committee for Binghamton University, Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster, Temple University, York College of Pennsylvania and York County school districts. Our History and Political Science courses develop your knowledge and skills in history and political science, while our education program provides the tools to be an effective teacher.
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