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Spring on the York College campus

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YCP Roadcrew visits the Parliament Arts Organization

Members of the 2019 YCP Roadcrew visited aluma at Parliament Arts Organization

Name of company: Parliament Arts Organization
Location: York, PA
Alumni Name: Ivy Rodgers ‘18, Resident Artist

written by Ben Sheibley '21, Integrated Marketing Communications major

Hey everyone, Ben Sheibley here, and I’m here to talk about the Parliament Arts Organization at 116 East King Street in Downtown York.  One of York College’s most recent graduates, Ivy Rodgers ‘18, is the resident artist in the building. At times working around the clock, all day and all night, they have been creating some fantastic pieces.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, Ivy has been given a fantastic opportunity to create work and form connections with people within the local art world. These doors that they have opened will only help them further in their career in the future when they decide which path to settle on. They spoke about the “connections that I made during my time at York [College] are unforgettable, and it is amazing to collaborate with the people I grew so close to over my four years.”

The Parliament Arts Organization is a local organization which showcases one artist’s work for a few weeks at a time and hosts gallery events a few times a year. These events allow artists for networking with one another and showcase the talent and hard work put in by the featured artist. It was an amazing venue and, if you ever have the opportunity to visit, you will not regret it.

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