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Spring on the York College campus

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YCP Road Crew visits the Cultural Alliance of York County

YCP Road Crew visits the Cultural Alliance of York County

Company Name: York County Cultural Alliance
Location: York, PA
Alumni Name and Graduation Year:
Kelly Gibson ’96, President
Justin Ayala ‘01, Arts in Education Regional Director

written by Jasmin Layne '21, Accounting major

The YCP Road Crew had the opportunity to visit the Cultural Alliance of York County located in Downtown York. While there we met with two YCP alumni who taught us about their company and what they do for the community. The Cultural Alliance strives to integrate art into economic growth and everyday life in York County. Every year they start at $0 and then raise money that they will then put back into the community.

The Cultural Alliance holds a wide variety of events for diverse audiences to participate in. They are very open to hearing and considering others’ ideas of things that should happen in York. One specific program they have is the Arts in Education (AIE) program which brings individuals into schools to teach various subjects through different art forms. Some students do not learn traditionally, they enjoy more hands-on learning, and “teaching artists” give students the opportunity to learn in different ways. This program stood out to me because I also enjoy learning through hands-on techniques and interaction rather than lectures, and I believe many students can benefit from it.

One thing that I will also keep in mind that our alumni mentioned was that many connections are made when you volunteer. Whether those connections are used now or in the future, they will be there.


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