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30 Minute Mentor

As YCP continues to prepare students to compete in dynamic global environments, we look to our alumni family to provide opportunities for students to connect with fellow Spartans who can share their experiences and perspectives professionally. 30-Minute Mentor is a great opportunity to do just that by directly connecting with students for a brief period of time. Short zoom conversations will connect you as an alum more closely to YCP, and it will give students insight into how to shape their future.

For the Spring 2023 semester, we are excited to be offering this program for students registered in Pre-Nursing. While the student participants are in health-related classes, we are looking for alumni from a variety of fields to offer insight and support to current students. Below, please find additional information about the program timeline and process.

Additional information about the process, timeline, and expectations for mentors and students can be found below.


30 Minute Mentor Wording with Mentor Visual

Program Resources

  • How it Works

    Spring 2023 Timeline

    • Alumni will be paired with a student based on students' professional interests. If you are not paired with a student this semester, you will be contacted by the Office of Alumni Relations and given priority for pairings next semester.
    • Students will express interest in alumni mentors through Spartan Career Path, and mentors will receive an email from the system when a student indicates interest.
    • Students will then reach out directly to alumni to schedule a time to meet via zoom by 3/12/23
    • Students are expected to have meetings completed by 4/14/23, so we ask that you work to schedule the meeting by then once you hear from your student.
    • To help guide your meeting, we have provided discussion questions that you can utilize. These questions have also been shared with the students.
    • At the end of the semester, a feedback survey will be sent to all alumni who participated in the program. We would be very grateful if you would complete this so we can continue to improve the program.
  • Mentor Resources

    Mentor FAQ

    How will my mentee contact me?

    Your mentee will contact you via email by the deadline listed in the semester timeline. Please ensure you are checking your email frequently to respond to your mentee in a timely fashion.

    What should I do if I have not heard from a mentee by the semester deadline?

    While we will do our best to ensure all mentor volunteers are paired with a mentee, it is possible you will not be matched with a mentee each semester. Based on the number of students registered for the class, the number of mentors that are needed changes each semester. If you are not matched with a student during the current semester, we will do our best to ensure you are matched the next semester.

    What should I ask my mentee?

    • Tell me how you chose YCP? Pre-Nursing?
    • What motivates you as a college student?
    • What excites you as you think about your future career?
    • How do you plan to explore or verify your career interests and gain experiences as a student?
    • What are you involved with outside the classroom?

    My circumstances have changed and I no longer have time to serve as a mentor. What should I do?

    We totally understand, life happens! Please contact us as soon as possible if you are no longer able to commit to serving as a mentor. Students are given a deadline for this assignment and will need to find a new mentor as soon as possible if you are no longer available. 

    Who should I contact with questions or concerns?

    Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at or 717.815.3273 with any questions or concerns.


  • Student Resources

    Student FAQ

    What should I learn during 30MM?

    How the educational and professional interests of your alumni mentor align with or diverge from your own.

    Why is this important?

    The conversation with your mentor is another tool to help you reflect on your congruence with your chosen career.

    How do I prepare?

    • Prepare to introduce yourself to your mentor. This could include information about your major and career inspiration and your YCP experience thus far.
    • Develop a list of open-ended questions to ask your mentor. Your inquiry should include at least FIVE questions about your mentor.

    What are my next steps?

    Mentor Sign Up will begin the week of February 27, 2023 and end on March 5, 2023. You will be assigned a mentor by March 8, 2023. The window to meet with your 30-Minute Mentor is March 13, 2023-April 14, 2023. You should connect with your mentor as early as possible (during the mentor meeting window) to introduce yourself and figure out a time to connect via Zoom.

    Who should I contact with questions or concerns?

    Please contact Ashana Taylor, Pre-Nursing Academic Advisor, at


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