Spring on the York College campus

Emergency Alert System

York College's Emergency Alert System enhances campus-wide communications through instant, mass notification. Our goal is to increase safety on campus.

Alerts are only sent during an unlikely, imminent campus threat, such as an active shooter or major weather emergency. Along with additional resources, alerts provide basic instructions to students, faculty, and staff in the following, customizable ways:

  • Emails - to @ycp.edu and personal email addresses.
  • Automated calls and voicemails - to landlines and cell phones.
  • Text messages - to cell phones.

Contact LTS with any questions or concerns.

Emergency Alert System

  • More Information
    • New, incoming students may not be able to create an account until the semester begins. 
    • This is a voluntary service, powered by Blackboard Connect.
    • You may opt in or out at any time.
      - Opt-in - Text "subscribe ycp" to 23177
      - Opt-out - Text "stop ycp" to 23177
    • No advertisements or non-emergency alerts will be sent to you.
    • You will only recieve notificiations that you have subscribed to.
      In addition to a test, once per semester, to ensure all is working properly.
    • You only have to sign up once. Then, you can edit your contact information and methods whenever you like.
    • You are responsible for any text message and/or roaming charges from your wireless service provider.
    • Your account remains active while you are continuously enrolled in classes. One semester after your graduation (or if you take longer than one semester break from clasess), your account will be deleted.
      - If you graduate in May or August, your account will be deleted on February 1 of the following year.
      - If you graduate in December, your account will be deleted on June 1 of the following year.


    York College offers the Emergency Alert System in accordance with the Blackboard Terms of Use (TOU). The College offers this service as a voluntary opt-in service for students and employees. Responsibility for entering contact information and the accuracy of contact information is the responsibility of the user entering the data and is not the responsibility of York College. There are no warranties or guarantees made as to the emergency alert information reaching the contact points entered by the user.

    There is no charge to the user for this service other than the cellular roaming or text message costs associated with delivering emergency messages to telephones. The Messaging Services facilitate the dissemination of messages via varying communication media.

    The user's primary recourse in the event of any actual or potential threat to person or property should be to contact First Responders such as, for example, purposes only, 911, fire, police, emergency medical, and public health. The Messaging Services are intended to augment First Responder services that have already been notified and deployed and are not designed for use in high risk activities or in any other situation where failure of the Messaging Services could lead to death, personal injury, or damage to property, or where other substantial damage could result if an error occurred.

    York College will use other forms of emergency notification to augment the Blackboard Connect system.

  • Create and Set Up Your Account

    Create Your Account

    • Select Sign Me Up!
    • Enter the requested information.
    • Select Continue.
    • In the email account you entered, find the Blackboard Connect: Account Activation message.
      - Follow the link therein.
    • Choose and answer your security questions, then select Save.

    Next, you'll be guided through steps to set up your account, which you may complete now or later.

    Set Up Your Account

    • Log in.

    If you just created your account, you won't be asked to log in.

    • First, enter your 9-digit college ID number, then select Submit.
      - 90×××××××
    • Next, enter your @ycp.edu email address, then select Submit.
      - Not your phone number.
      - If we're "unable to verify your relationship..." then contact LTS.
    • Select Associate.
    • Verify your pre-loaded data, then select Next.
    • Here, you may add more ways to contact you, then select Next.
      - You can add more later.
    • If you wish to recieve Outreach (in addition to Emergency) messages, keep it checked, then select Next.
      - You won't recieve many either way; we're careful about what we send.
      - You can change this later.
    • Review your choices, then select Done.

    If completely properly, you should receive a confirmation email and text message.

  • Edit Your Contact Information

    It is your responsibility to keep your contact information up to date.

    • Visit ycp.bbcportal.com.
    • Log in.
      - If you haven't already, you may be taken through the setup steps.
    • Select Edit contact information.
    • Follow the prompts to add your preferred contact methods.