Spring on the York College campus

Parking Contract and Guidelines

This is your parking contract and agreement.  Please read it carefully as it provides a basic overview of the guidelines that you must follow when parking a vehicle at York College of Pennsylvania.

Parking at York College of Pennsylvania is by permit only.  

All vehicles parking on any campus property must properly display (in the front windshield) a valid and current parking permit. Vehicles parked on campus property without a valid and current parking permit are subject to a parking fine by means of a citation.

The operation and parking of a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege and the College reserves the right to restrict, suspend or revoke this privilege for just cause.  Having a personal vehicle on campus is not a prerequisite of any College program and faculty, staff, students and visitors park and operate vehicles at their own risk.  The College is not responsible for vehicles, or for personal possessions left in vehicles, while parked on campus; however, any theft or accident that does occur on campus should be reported to the Department of Campus Safety immediately.  

A parking permit signifies that an individual has been granted the privilege of parking a motor vehicle on campus property.  Parking permits are the property of York College and must be surrendered upon the request of Campus Safety personnel.  Faculty and staff who separate from the College must surrender their permit upon separation.  Registration of a vehicle in no way guarantees that a parking space convenient for the individual will be provided. The responsibility for locating a valid parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Lack of parking space, mechanical problems, inclement weather or other problems do not justify parking violations.

Parking permits are not transferable between individuals.   Permit holders are not permitted to lend, resell, or give away the parking permit issued to them.  The misuse of any parking permit may result in fines, parking restrictions or revocation and referral to the Office of Student Conduct.  Faculty and staff may be referred to their Dean, Department Chair, or to the Human Resources department.

By obtaining a parking permit, the permit holder agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of York College of Pennsylvania.  All parking permits are issued with a copy of York College's traffic and parking regulations and a parking map identifying assigned parking areas.  It is the responsibility of the permit holder to read and comply with these Campus regulations.

Lost or stolen parking permits must be reported promptly to the Campus Safety office.  Any person found in possession of a lost, stolen, altered, or counterfeit parking permit will be issued a citation and referred to the Office of Student Conduct for disciplinary action.  They also face the possibility of having charges filed against them under the most appropriate section(s) of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code.

Fraudulently registering a vehicle may result in campus judicial action.  This includes purchasing a permit in another person’s name; registering a vehicle which will be used by a person not authorized for campus parking; registering a vehicle that belongs to another student; or misrepresenting eligibility, to include local address or class status. Failure to comply with the traffic and parking regulations constitutes a violation subject to traffic or parking fines (by means of a citation) and/or referral to the Office of Student Conduct.

FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: By clicking on the submit button, I, the student in attendance at York College of Pennsylvania, acknowledge that if my financial responsibility is not met, I am ultimately responsible for all charges incurred, as well as all costs related to collection of unpaid balances, including attorney fees, collection costs, and any interest incurred.

CERTIFICATION: By clicking on the submit button, I am certifying that I have read the above and understand my responsibility to comply with York College’s traffic and parking regulations.  I understand that I will be provided with a copy of the traffic and parking regulations and a parking map when given my parking permit and that it is my responsibility to read and comply with these policies and regulations.  I further understand that failure to do so may result in the issuance of a citation and that I am responsible for all fines and disciplinary actions levied. By clicking on the submit button, I further certify and attest that the personal and motor vehicle information provided by me is true, accurate, and complete and that I understand that the College assumes no risk for my vehicle while it is parked on campus property.