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Victim and Witness Information

A crime of any type perpetrated against or witnessed by someone can often be a traumatic event.  This page is provided as a resource to aid victims in finding resources to help them understand that they are not alone, that they have rights, and to provide some information about the legal process in Pennsylvania.

Anyone who is the victim of or witness to a crime should contact Campus Safety (717.815.1314 or ext. 1314 from an on-campus phone) immediately. 

Victim Rights

Pennsylvania has a victim bill of rights that is part of the Crime Victims Act.  The act outlines what the Commonwealth and its employees can provide assistance.

As a victim of crime in Pennsylvania you have the following rights:
  • To receive basic information concerning the services available
  • In personal injury crimes, to be notified of the arrest of the suspect or the suspect's escape from police custody;
  • To be accompanied at all public criminal proceedings by a family member, a victim advocate or another person;
  • In case of personal injury crimes, burglary, or driving under the influence involving bodily injury, to submit a prior comment to the prosecutor's office on the potential reduction or dropping of any charge or changing of a plea, if the victim so requests;
  • To offer a prior comment or to submit a written impact statement for the judge's consideration at sentencing;
  • To obtain restitution to the extent possible, including compensation through the State Crime Victim's Compensation program;
  • Upon request, where the offender is sentenced to state prison, to provide prior comment on and to receive notice of release decisions, and to be immediately notified if the offender escapes;
  • Upon request, in personal injury crimes, where the offender is sentenced to a local correctional facility, to receive notification of any release or escape of the offender, in addition to any relevant conditions imposed prior to release;
  • Upon prior request, to receive notice when an offender is committed to a mental health facility from state prison and of the discharge, transfer or escape of the offender from the mental health facility, and;
  • Upon request, to have assistance in the preparation of, submission of and follow-up on the financial assistance claims for the state Victims' Compensation Fund.

Pennsylvania Crime Victims Act

On Campus Resources   Off-Campus Resources
Iosue Student Union, Lower Level,
Wellness Center, Room 120
Phone: 717.815.6437

Health Services
Iosue Student Union, Room 116
Phone: 717.849.1615
Student Conduct
Iosue Student Union, Room 307
Phone: 717.815.1281

Residence Life and Housing
Iosue Student Union, Room 307
Phone: 717.815.1281


York County Victim/Witness Program
717.771.9600 ext 314 or ext 335
1.800.326.8262 ext 314 or ext 335

717.846.5400 or 1.800.262.8444

SAFE HOME - Hanover: 717.632.0007

Protection from Abuse (PFA) Office

YWCA Victim Services Center
717.845.3131 or 1.800.422.3204

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

York County Children, Youth and Families
717.771.9869 or 1.800.729.9227

York County Area Agency on Aging
717.771.9610 or 1.800.632.9227

District Attorney's Office
717.771.9600 ext 314