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Assistive Technology for Students with Disabilities
Assistive technology offers innovative solutions to bridge the gap between limitations and learning. In education, it plays a pivotal role in “leveling the playing field so [students with disabilities] have the same access as students with typical challenges have."
The College Dropout Dilemma: To Stay or Not to Stay
Many students experience the urge to quit college at one time or another. Through the Spartan Success Network and an array of data-driven, student-focused initiatives, York College of Pennsylvania strives to help students overcome that temptation and complete their degree.
What Does a Forensic Chemist Do?
If you’re a fan of true crime or detective shows, you’ve probably seen a character playing a forensic chemist in the background of a scene — but what is this career path like in the real world?
Manufacturing PA Innovation Program Grant Funds Research Project Housed in Knowledge Park @YCP
When completed, the Knowledge Park @YCP will accommodate dozens of business and industry partners committed to innovating and collaborating with York College students and faculty. While the benefits of such an arrangement will be enjoyed by the local business community and campus participants, a research project housed there could advance manufacturing across the Commonwealth.
What is Business Analytics?
In our data-driven world, businesses are constantly collecting large amounts of data. But how can they turn this data into actionable insights that drive growth and success? This is where business analytics comes in.
Getting to know Yo(u)rk: Study Abroad
College can be a confusing place, but it doesn’t have to be. In Getting to Know Yo(u)rk, we speak to members of the York College community to shed light on various aspects of the college experience.
Study Outside at a Local Park
If there’s one thing you can count on Vic Tsygan ’23 for, it’s being an advocate for going out into nature and visiting local parks.
Changing Course
The College offers more than 70 majors and minors to aid students who may be considering changing their majors.
Why I Chose York College
College application season is upon us, and you may be trying to figure out where to apply, how you’ll know your school will be a good fit, and what being away from home is like. Here are some reasons why York College was a great fit for Julianna Orkin '22, and may be a great fit for you as you get ready to take the next step in your education.
How Accurate Are Crime Shows?
The "CSI effect" has long been a topic of discussion. According to the US Department of Justice, jurors are more or less likely to convict based on their expectations for scientific evidence, much of which has been influenced by crime television. If this is the case, where does fiction end and reality begin?
Working with the York Review
When most students sign up for a class, they expect lectures or maybe a few group projects or essays. They don’t expect the opportunity to run multiple campus publications. In the Publications Management course with Dr. Travis Kurowski, Associate Professor of Creative Writing, that’s exactly what you get.
The True Benefits of Learning Spanish
Studying Spanish provides a wealth of opportunity. There are many ways to incorporate the Spanish language into your travels, career, and day-to-day life—and beginning your educational journey is just the first step.
YCP@Work: Nursing Alumni
Get real-world insight into a career in nursing with York College Nursing alumni Joanna Marmo ‘19, Tara O’Malley ‘19, and Allison Witten ‘20.
The Top 5 Lessons I Learned...As a Spartan
Gabrielle Ingoglia '20 has spent four-and-a-half years of her life at York College of Pennsylvania. Now, as she prepares to graduate in December 2020, she's sharing some of the lessons learned during her time here.
Learning Habits of Great Teachers
Every teacher wants to make an impact with their students. While there are many ways great teachers achieve this, there are some habits they nearly all share. The best teachers present information to students in ways that maximize their understanding, yet also listen to their students and let them influence the shape of their own learning.
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA): An Exciting and Fast-Growing Mental Health Career
Considering a career in mental health? Getting started can be both exciting and a little daunting. It is exciting because of the new experience, knowledge, and career prospects you hope to gain. Yet it can be daunting because of the wide array of programs and types of mental health careers that are out there. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a relatively new and rapidly growing mental health career that you might consider.