Spring on the York College campus

A Heart for Healthcare

Danielle Nusbaum ’07 poses for a photo in a white lab coat

Danielle Nusbaum ’07 (Lancaster, PA) understands what it’s like to watch a family member’s health decline. She took care of her 92-year-old grandmother before she passed and now takes care of her father who is undergoing treatment for multiple myeloma, a blood cancer. 

Back at the College for her third degree, the graduate student plans to complete her Master of Science in the Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner program. “Not only do the professors in the CRNP program teach, but they are practicing in the field and can offer many relevant real-life experiences and scenarios that are helpful,” says Nusbaum. 

A current registered nurse, she’s often faced with families dealing with similar situations. It’s because of her understanding that she doesn’t get easily frustrated when asked many questions — in fact, she encourages families to speak up. She has a place in her heart especially for elderly patients.

 “I just feel like I can make a difference for them,” shares Nusbaum. Hearing about their life story and seeing the world through their eyes can change perspective. “I really care about them,” she says. “If they’re at the end of their life, I want them to be comfortable. I’ll fight for the things that are important to them.”