Spring on the York College campus

Esports Expert


Nicholas “Nick” Nolte ’21 (York, PA) is not your typical athlete. His game of choice isn’t basketball or football. It’s League of Legends. 

Nolte is one of a growing number of esports gamers and now he’s creating an esports club and training facility at York College. In fourth grade, Nolte was introduced to the game he calls simply “League.” Nolte practices every day, constantly improving himself. He identifies weaknesses and works until they’re strengths. 

In 2018, he was ranked among the best in the nation. His competition in online tournaments earned him the rank of challenger — there are only 449 others in North America. Nolte decided to make an esports program after gauging interest on a gaming app and finding over 100 interested fellow students. 

The club was approved by student government and a training and gaming facility on campus is underway. Once organized, the club will play against teams from other schools.