Spring on the York College campus

Internship Leads to Job

Senior Seth Rickrode poses for a photo while dressed in a business suit

Seth Rickrode, (Thomasville, PA) a senior Human Resource Management major at York College, is a member of the YCP team whose proposal was selected as one of the top five in the 4th Annual Southeastern Hedge Fund Competition. 

He credits his parents for instilling in him a strong work ethic. It’s that work ethic that earned him a highly competitive internship with PNC Financial Services Group in Pittsburgh last summer. It’s also what earned him a post-graduation job offer for the same company, before even starting his senior year. It was a big adjustment when he got to Pittsburgh, but he managed well. Rickrode says his York College professors set him up to succeed. They’d emphasized how important Excel was, and he was able to showcase his skills within a project he worked on with another intern over the summer. 

“We kind of excelled at Excel,” he says. In a meeting with an HR executive, Rickrode proposed a networking roundtable for interns. Before long, his idea became a real event. He says his favorite part of being an intern was “being able to set up an event myself just by asking and telling [the executive about] my plan.” In August, when Rickrode got the offer for a full-time job with PNC Financial Services Group once he graduated, he was ecstatic — and relieved. Now, he feels ready and excited to move to Pittsburgh after graduation.