Spring on the York College campus

Quintuple Vision

Quintuplets Brigid, Elizabeth, Jacqueline, Meaghan, and Patrick Keogh stand in a circle, looking up at the camera
Photo by Ken Bruggeman/Our York Media 

Going to college with your sibling can be a different experience, but having four siblings at the same school? That’s unusual. First-year Keogh quintuplets all decided to attend York College and, so far, the consensus is they love it. 

“I like how I have more freedom and room to choose what I want to do,” says Brigid, a Nursing major. 

“Having my siblings here with me,” shares Elizabeth, an Early Elementary/Special Education major, “has made York turn into my home away from home.” 

“Having siblings here definitely helps adjustment,” admits Jacqueline, a Civil Engineering major. 

“It is more fun than I imagined,” says Meaghan, a Pre-Nursing major. 

“Going to school with my siblings is great because I see familiar faces around campus,” shared Patrick, a Business major.