Spring on the York College campus

Winning Combo

Joel Home '20 smiles while standing in front of an industrial brick background

For his playwriting class, Computer Science major Joel Horne ’20 (Waynesboro, PA) wrote a script about Ada Lovelace called Ada and Her Programming. 

Lovelace was known for her work with Charles Babbage when together they created a computer known as the Analytical Engine. Horne says the machine was similar to modern computers, albeit much slower. 

“The play is about them imagining what kind of impact their machine will have on the world in the future,” he says. The script highlights important advancements of women in computer science. Horne’s play was selected by the Region 2 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival to workshop into a 10-minute show. 

During the festival, Horne worked with a director to cast the play and do a stage reading. To his surprise and delight, his play was chosen to be considered for the upcoming Gary Garrison National Ten-Minute Play Award. 

Horne enjoyed combining his interests in computers and theatre through the College’s Computer Science and Theatre programs. He hopes to study computer science in graduate school and appreciates the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration at YCP.