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Faculty Grant for Promoting Leadership, Lectures and Speakers

The purpose of this funding category is to support activities that will enhance leadership skills within or across disciplines. The grant may also be used to support a lecture or lecture series for a department, discipline, or multiple disciplines, to be led by individuals within or outside the York College academic community.

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How to apply for the grant

  • Who is eligible?

    Who is eligible?

    • All full-time faculty members, including those on sabbatical.
    • Adjunct faculty who have taught at least 45 credits (or an equivalent as determined by the chair) at York College. 
    • Full-time instructional personnel (e.g. lab coordinators) who have worked at the college for at least two years and have teaching responsibilities.
    • Groups within and across disciplines.
  • What activities are funded by this category?

    What activities are funded by this category?

    • Lectures, speakers, and workshops that focus on promoting educational leadership.
    • Travel to conferences and seminars that promote knowledge and skills related to educational leadership.
    • Lectures or speakers for departments, disciplines or multiple disciplines.
    • Expenses (including meals) and honorariums for speakers.
    • Tuition, registration, and travel fees associated with attending a workshop or meeting for leadership skills.
    • Up to $300 for catering or restaurant meals for participating faculty.
  • What activities are not funded by this category?

    What activities are not funded by this category?

    • Travel to a professional meeting, unless it is specifically related to educational leadership.
    • Travel for the presentation of a paper, unless it is specifically related to educational leadership.
    • Student travel.
  • What is the maximum award amount?

    What is the maximum award amount?

    • Individuals: $2000 per academic year
    • Groups (minimum of three people): $5000 per academic year
  • How do I apply for the grant?

    How do I apply for the grant?

    Use the application template found here.

    The template will prompt you to include the following materials in your application:

    1. Description of the activity
    2. How the activity will promote the mission of the College
    3. Plan for disseminating the information among colleagues

    (For Leadership Activity)

    1. Aspect of educational leadership you want to promote
    2. Knowledge and skills related to educational leadership to be enhanced

    (For Speakers and Lectures)

    1. How the event enhances an academic program or the York College community
    2. Plans for publicizing the event
    3. If the event is part of the Cultural Series, explain whether funding has been sought from the Cultural Series committee.

    Please do not alter the formatting of the application.

    Complete the application, copy and paste required documentation/information into the application, and submit the file to the department chair for electronic signature. The completed application should then be emailed by the applicant to the Faculty Development Funding Subcommittee Chair – fdcfunding@ycp.edu

    Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

    For Leadership:

    1. Whether the activity promotes new direction and new skills related to educational leadership.
    2. Whether the activity enhances leadership within the college or department.
    3. Whether the activity promotes the mission of the college.

    For Speakers and Lectures:

    1. The relevance to departmental goals.
    2. The magnitude of the contribution to the enrichment of the York College community.
    3. Events that address the greatest campus-wide relevance (e.g. that are effective across the most disciplines) will receive higher priority.
    4. Proposals demonstrating monetary support from other sources (participating departments, outside sources) will receive higher priority.
    5. Requests for travel for pedagogical training should explain how campus resources (e.g. CTL, faculty fellow) have been utilized and exhausted.

    Proposals that are late, incomplete or not submitted as instructed will not be reviewed for the intended deadline. Late proposals will be considered for the next application deadline. Proposals that are incomplete will be reviewed for the deadline following submission of missing material.

    The fine print:

    1. Applications will not be considered before the application deadline.
    2. Grants must be received by the committee chair before the dates of the activity.
    3. Applicants may only request funding from one FDC fiscal year for a given project.

    All departments have a departmental representative serving on the FDC Funding Subcommittee.  Applicants are encouraged to contact that person with any questions.

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