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Grant for Summer Research Program

The purpose of this funding category is to support activities that will enhance professional development through research.

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How to Apply for this Grant

  • Who is eligible?

    Who is eligible?

    • Full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty on 9-month contracts. Faculty who normally teach in the summer, with fall or spring semester off, may receive the stipend during the semester in which they do not regularly teach.
    • Applicants who will not be teaching or leading an independent study during the period of the stipend.
  • What activities are funded by this category?

    What activities are funded by this category?

    Salary for:

    • Professional development projects, defined according to the standards of the applicant's discipline. This includes research toward publication of a journal article, research for a book, or other projects that are considered professional development in one's discipline and are not funded in any other way.

    Supplies funding for:

    • Costs directly associated with the professional development project. This includes consumable supplies or equipment.
    • Student assistants (summer maximum of $2000).
  • What activities are not funded by this category?

    What activities are not funded by this category?

    • Workshops.
    • Professional travel.
    • Research associated with the completion of an advanced degree.
    • Student assistants during the semester.
    • Course or curriculum development.
  • What is the maximum award amount?

    What is the maximum award amount?

    • Stipend (salary) of $900.00/week, for a maximum of $4500.00 over five weeks
    • Supplies not exceeding $2000
  • How do I apply for this funding?

    How do I apply for this funding?

    Use the application template found here.

    The template will prompt you to include the following materials in your application:

    1. A detailed description of the research project:

    Address the following:

    • Provide a brief introduction (background) to the topic of your project.
    • What gap in knowledge or key innovation will this project fulfill in the context of the background information?
    • Provide a plan of action, for completion of the project including a schedule for activity (dates should be included).
    • What is the intended outcome of the project? (book/book chapter, journal publication, paper presentation, poster, exhibit, performance, etc.)
    • How will the project enhance your professional development and your program of scholarship?
    • How will the project contribute to the YCP community?
    • Applicants who have received prior funding from FDC should incorporate a progress report addressing the status of past projects.
    • A 250-word abstract/summary of your proposed project that can be posted on the Academic Senate webpage if you are awarded the requested grant.
    • Documentation for all requested expenditures.

    2. A supporting letter from your Department Chair or the Dean of Academic Affairs. The letter should be submitted directly to the Funding Subcommittee Chair. Applicants waive their right to see the letter prior to submission.

    3. A letter addressing the merits of your project, either from a colleague within York College or an expert external to the college. The letter should be submitted directly to the Funding Subcommittee Chair. Applicants waive their right to see the letter prior to submission.

    Please do not alter the formatting of the application.

    Complete the application, copy and paste required documentation/information into the application, and submit the file to the department chair for electronic signature. The completed application should then be emailed by the applicant to the Faculty Development Funding Subcommittee Chair– fdcfunding@ycp.edu

    The letter of support should be emailed directly to the Subcommittee Chair.

    Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

    1. The quality of the proposal.
    2. Whether the project is novel and will enhance the field.
    3. The quality of supporting documents.
    4. The status of previously funded projects.
    5. Whether the project contributes to the professional growth of the applicant.
    6. Whether the project contributes to the YCP teaching and learning environment.

    The fine print:

    1. Projects that result in monetary remuneration may be subject to the college's intellectual property policy.
    2. For textbooks and books published with non-academic presses, applicants should provide documentation testifying that they have not been and will not be remunerated by the publisher.
    3. Applications directly connected to a previously funded project will be subject to additional scrutiny.  Such applications must clearly delineate how the proposed research is different from and/or builds upon the previously funded work.  Such applications must also provide documentation of the progress that has been made on the project as a whole and include a timetable for completion.

    All departments have a departmental representative serving on the FDC Funding Subcommittee.  Applicants are encouraged to contact that person with any questions. 

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