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Undergraduate Research Assistant Grant

The Undergraduate Research Assistant Grant funds opportunities for students to pair with faculty who are in need of assistance on their own research projects. Students who do not have sufficient research experience to design and carry out their own Undergraduate Research project gain first-hand mentored knowledge of research practices in their discipline, while faculty who would not otherwise be able to hire Research Assistants (RAs) get help with their own projects. The goal is to help students from any discipline who have no prior research experiences and are not yet ready to do independent research to get training and mentoring in the research methods of their chosen discipline.

Faculty can apply with a particular student(s) in mind, or the Center for Academic Innovation can assist in finding a student for them.   Applications are written and submitted by Faculty Mentors, not by students. Students looking for a Research Assistant position should reach out to faculty they'd like to work with and discuss the opportunity.

York College students getting hands-on learning in our creek.

How to apply for a research assistant grant

  • Funding Information

    Funding Information

    For the fiscal year, the maximum award is $1,500 (~ 200 hours of work). If students choose to space out the 200 hours over two 15-week semesters, students would work about 6 hours a week. Funds go towards RA's hourly wages ($7.25/hour) and are paid directly to the student RA(s) through York College's payroll system.

    *Students cannot begin work until they have filed payroll paperwork and are in the payroll system.

  • Time Commitment

    Time Commitment

    • Students can begin working any time after they have submitted the appropriate payroll paperwork.
    • Students can work more heavily in one semester than another, pending their course load and agreement with the faculty mentor.
    • Students can work over breaks, if agreed upon with faculty mentor.
    • Students CANNOT work more than 20 hrs/week; whether working for this job alone, or in combination with another part-time campus job.
    • Students must complete & log all hours by June 15, 2019.
  • Application Process

    Application Process

    Faculty mentors can submit this application. These grants are awarded on a rolling basis, and the number of available grants in any given academic year will be based on available funding. Applicants should prepare the following information for the application:

    • Name of student researcher(s) and faculty mentor(s)
    • Description of the project and the expected role of the student researcher.
    • Project timeline description
    • Budget worksheet
  • Expectations of Student Research Assistants

    Expectations of Student Research Assistants

    1. Remain in good academic standing during the course of the research.
    2. Participate in relevant professional development events sponsored by the Center for Academic Innovation.
    3. Submit a final report describing the learning experience to the Director of the CAI.
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