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Transfer Resource Center

Have transfer questions? We'll help you navigate the transfer process.

We're thrilled you are considering transferring to York College to complete your degree.

We know it can seem daunting to transfer and transition to a new college. That's why we developed the Transfer Resource Center: to help you navigate the transfer process and help you settle in once you're here.

In fact, we're committed to making the transfer process as seamless as possible. Our Transfer Resource Center features a team of professionals dedicated solely to helping students like you hit your stride from day one. It's one reason we were honored with the national Phi Theta Kappa Excellence in Community College Transfer Honor Roll.

What should you do first? Who should you speak to? There are a lot of questions, so please look through the drop down tabs below (Making the transition simple — from day one). You’ll find answers to many of your most burning questions. 

Official transfer evaluations are processed in the Registrar's Office by the Associate Registrar for Transfer Articulation — you can find information on transfer course equivalencies by clicking below. If you have any further questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at 717.815.1273 or registrar@ycp.edu.


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Making the transition simple - from day oneTransfer Resource Center

  • Net Price Calculator

    The Net Price Calculator will estimate your eligibility for financial aid and show how your cost of attending an affordable college may be reduced with scholarships, grants and student loans. Your “net price” is the difference between the cost of attendance (tuition, room, board, etc.) and your financial aid.

    The calculator is based on answers to some basic questions about your parents’ financial situation, so it may be helpful to have recent tax forms or pay stubs before you begin. Completing the calculator will take about 20 minutes. The calculator is designed to give you and your family an early estimate of financial aid. To receive an actual financial aid award you must be accepted for admission and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The York College Financial Aid Office will process your actual financial aid award.

    The calculator will estimate financial aid for transfer students who are U.S citizens. International students should contact the York College Financial Aid Office for more information about financial aid.

  • Transfer Brochure

    Check out all that York College of Pennsylvania can do for incoming transfer students, either by going directly to our online brochure or viewing below (try going full screen).

  • York College Transfer Credit Policy

    York College reviews courses for transfer credit for all modes of delivery from all regionally accredited institutions.

    Transfer credit is posted from official transcript(s) only. See the college’s official transcript policy for more information.

    Transfer credit is posted for students who have matriculated to the college. We cannot award transfer credit after degree completion or if a student is no longer matriculated with the college.

    Lab sciences without the lecture portion do not transfer.

    Students who transfer in 30 credits or more at the time of admission to the college will be waived from the First Year Seminar (FYS) requirement. The waiver applies to the requirement for graduation but does not waive the credits to graduate; students need to meet the overall bachelors degree credit requirement. Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and Dual Enrollment credit does not count toward the FYS waiver. Veterans must take FYS 100.

    Students who transfer in 60 credits or more at the time of admission to the college will be waived from the Constellation requirement, except Education majors. The waiver applies to the requirement for graduation but does not waive the credits to graduate; students need to meet the overall bachelors degree credit requirement.

    Veterans who submit a Joint Services Transfer (JST) will receive credit for General Education Foundations: American Citizenship. Veterans who submit a JST and have been deployed will receive credit for General Education Foundations: Global Citizenship.

    Beginning in Fall 2020, YCP offers a comprehensive general education transfer* for students with an Associate of Arts (A.A.), Associate of Science (A.S.), Associate Degree in Nursing (A.D.N.), Associate of Fine Arts (A.F.A.), or Associate of Arts in Teaching (A.A.T.) degree or other college transfer associate degrees from a regionally accredited institution.

    *Students will need to consult the program advisor and course catalog regarding coursework and GPA requirements for specific majors and all programs leading to licensure/certification as some of these requirements are covered in general education courses. This applies to all Education students and students in programs requiring general education courses as part of the major requirements.

    Students cannot receive transfer credit for a course that has already been taken at York College.

    In accordance with AACRAO (American Association of Collegiate Registrar and Admissions Officers) guidelines, transfer credits will be awarded as they are comparable and appropriate to the academic programs and general education requirements of York College. Credits may vary in how they are applied to satisfy degree requirements.

    A maximum of 75 credits will be accepted from two-year colleges.

    Transfer students admitted to the college with an associate's degree must satisfy all York College general education requirements not completed as transfer credit. Students must complete the last 30 credit hours in residence at York College to be eligible for a degree.

    York College alumni who wish to enroll in the RN-BSN program may count credits earned  at YCP towards the residency requirement for their BSN under the following circumstances:  (1) the only credits earned by the student after graduation from an undergraduate program at YCP were counted towards an Associates' degree in Nursing, (2) if the student received a residency waiver as an undergraduate, only those courses taken at YCP after the most recent transfer credits will count towards the BSN degree, and (3) students need to complete at least 18 additional YCP credits as part of the RN-BSN program.

    York College awards credit but not quality points for transfer work. Transfer grades are not computed into the cumulative grade point average except in the calculation of graduation honors.

    Courses transferring as electives (1XX, 2XX, 3XX, 4XX) may transfer as specific courses. Please see the appropriate academic department for further information if you believe that these elective courses are equivalent to a York College course.

    The following courses will not transfer:
    Grades of Pass/Fail, “NC”, "D", "F", "W", "Inc", "Au" or "In Progress"
    Continuing education units (CEU's)
    Technical courses such as agriculture, electronics, drafting, dental hygiene, paralegal, EMT, etc
    Remedial courses typically numbered from 000 to 099 and include English, math, reading and study skills courses.

    If the Advanced Placement and/or CLEP credits are listed on another college's transcript for credit, we require an official copy of the score reports for York College to evaluate.

    The World Education Services must evaluate credentials from all foreign universities. Forms are available at www.wes.org.

    updated kas 4.1.20

  • Articulation Agreements

    York College has formal articulation agreements with Harrisburg Area Community College and Harford Community College. Please use the following links to find more information about these agreements:

    • HACC Articulation Business
    • HACC Articulation Hospitality Management
    • Harrisburg Area Community College - Biology
    • Harrisburg Area Community College - Criminal Justice
    • Harrisburg Area Community College - Human Services
    • Harrisburg Area Community College - Math
    • Harrisburg Area Community College - Music Industry
    • Harrisburg Area Community College - Professional Writing
    • Harrisburg Area Community College - Psychology
    • Harrisburg Area Community College - RN to BSN Nursing
    • Harrisburg Area Community College - Secondary Education
    • Harrisburg Area Community College - Sociology
    • Harford Community College
    • Northampton Community College - Hospitality Management
    • Northampton Community College - Sport Management

    Additionally, York College articulates coursework from all regionally accredited institutions. Please see our Transfer Course Equivalencies page for information on over 90 of our frequent transfer credit institutions.

    If you have questions about transfer credits or a specific college/university, please contact the Registrar's Office at 717-815-1273 or registrar@ycp.edu.

  • Dual Enrollment

    Transferring Dual Enrollment Credits to York College

    York College transfers in credit from all regionally accredited institutions. If you completed a Dual Enrollment program through an accredited college while in high school, we will review this for transfer credit. Please submit an official college transcript to the York College Admissions Office as part of your application process to have your credits reviewed. Your official transcript can be mailed to:

    York College Admissions
    441 Country Club Road
    York, PA 17403
    If you have any questions about how your courses may transfer to York, please visit our Transfer Course Equivalencies page.
  • Off-Campus Study Approval

    Off-Campus Study Approval Process
    Current York College students who wish to take coursework at another accredited institution and transfer the credits back to York College must complete the Off-Campus Study Approval form. Students should consult with their academic advisor and obtain approval from the Registrar’s Office to proceed. If a student is seeking General Education distinction for a course, additional approval from the Director of General Education is necessary.

    Transfer Credit Policies
    Students are encouraged to review York College's Transfer Policy in the College Catalog under Academic Records and Registration > Transfer Credit Policies to ensure a smooth and efficient credit transfer process. Credits will be transferred only for courses in which a student has earned a grade of "C" (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) or higher. While credit hours for these courses may be transferred, grades and quality points will not transfer. Students may not repeat a course off-campus that has already been completed at York College. Additionally, students must complete the last 30 credit hours of their program of study at York College.

    To facilitate a successful transfer of credits, it is advisable for students to consult closely with their advisor regarding their course selections at other institutions. It is also the student's responsibility to ensure that the college or university listed on the approval form sends an official transcript to York College once grades are available.

  • Generation Next for Transfer Students

    Generation Next - Relating to Transfer Student Requirements

    This requirement is comprised of four pieces:

    1. First Year Seminar: a course introducing students to higher education and how to be successful as a student. This course is waived for all students who transfer in with 30 credits at the time of admission to York College. Waiver of this credit may require additional coursework to make up the credits. Students must work with their Academic Advisor to determine requirements. A grade of a 2.0 or higher is required in this area.
    2. Foundations: requirements are comprised of five areas: Communication, Advanced Communication, Quantitative Fluency, American Citizenship, and Global Citizenship. Students choose one course from each of the five areas within Foundations. Specific requirements for this area may be satisfied by major. Please consult with your Academic Advisor for specific requirements as they relate to Foundations. A grade of a 2.0 or higher is required in this area.
    3. Disciplinary Perspectives: requirements are comprised of four areas: Humanities, Arts, Social/Behavioral Sciences, and Natural/Physical Sciences. Students choose one course from each of the four areas within Disciplinary Perspectives. Specific requirements for this area may be satisfied by major. Please consult with your Academic Advisor for specific requirements as they relate to Disciplinary Perspectives.
    4. Constellationa requirement where a student chooses one of 12 topics and must complete 12 credits within the chosen area with a grade of 2.0 or higher. Education majors are required to complete the Transformation: Children, the Family and Development Across the Lifespan constellation. Students must take four courses (12 credits) from at least three separate subject areas. *Note: The constellation requirement is waived for students transferring in with 60 or more credits at the time of admission to York College.
  • Graduate Studies Transfer Policies

    Graduate Student Transfer Policies

    • Students who desire to take courses at another institution must secure prior approval from the appropriate Graduate Program Coordinator.
    • Official graduate transcripts from another institution must be submitted.
    • Transfer credits will be evaluated by the appropriate Graduate Program Committee.
    • Only courses where a grade of 'B' or better is earned will be eligible for transfer.
    • Transfer credits will carry no grades or quality points; thus, these credits will not be used in calculating the student's grade point average.

    Master of Business Administration - Students in the MBA Program may transfer no more than nine (9) credits of 510-level or above coursework into the program. Transfer credits will be added to the York College transcript after a student has successfully completed twelve (12) 510-level or above credits at York College.

    Master of Science in Nursing - Typically, matriculated students may transfer six (6) credits of 500-level or above coursework into the program. Transfer credits will be added to the York College transcript after a student has successfully completed twelve (12) 500-level or above credits at York College.

    The student is responsible for having the college/university named on this form send an official transcript of the work pursued.

    You may send the completed form to:

    Records Office
    York College of Pennsylvania
    441 Country Club Road
    York, PA 17403-3651

  • Phi Theta Kappa Honor Roll

    Phi Theta Kappa has recognized York College as one of 40 top colleges and universities as members of the inaugural Excellence in Community College Transfer Honor Roll. Colleges are selected for creating dynamic pathways to support community college transfers and offer exemplary programs, initiatives, and benefits for students. Phi Theta Kappa is the oldest, largest and most prestigious honor society recognizing students pursuing two-year degrees.

  • Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate

    Advanced Placement and college credit may be granted to entering students who perform satisfactorily on one or more of the following:

    • College Board Advanced Placement Examinations
    • College Level Examination Program® (CLEP)
    • American College Testing/PEP examination
    • Other proficiency tests that have been approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs and the chair of the department
    • Examination for a course (If a student believes that the has sufficient knowledge based on previous experience, training, and background, they may petition the department chair to be given a suitable examination for the course desired)

    Advanced Placement

    The following regulations apply to students who earn credit and/or advanced standing:

    • The Department Chair or the student may initiate procedures resulting in credit or advanced standing for a course.
    • College credit will be granted to entering freshmen who earn scores of 3, 4, or 5 on the individual subject tests of the College Board Advanced Placement Examinations.
    • AP Equivalencies for which credit and/or advanced placement has been granted will be noted on the transcript and will represent credit for, or a waiver of, a specific course, whichever is appropriate.
    • The maximum number of credits which any one person may earn by advanced placement and/or credit by examination is 60 for the Baccalaureate Degree and 30 for the Associate Degree.
    • The department chair and Dean of Academic Affairs will determine what is a satisfactory score on performance tests used by the College other than the College Board Advanced Placement Examinations, College Level Examination Program, and the American College Testing/PEP examinations.

    International Baccalaureate Credit

    The International Baccalaureate is a non-profit educational foundation founded in 1968 in Geneva, Switzerland and is a demanding pre-university course of study designed for highly motivated high school students. The program was designed to establish a common curriculum and university entry credential for students moving from one country to another. International educators believed students should share an academic experience emphasizing critical thinking, intercultural understanding and exposure to a variety of points of view.

    The Diploma Program for students ages 16 to 19 is a comprehensive and challenging pre-university course of study, leading to examinations demanding the best from motivated students and teachers. This program is widely recognized for its high academic standards.

    • The two-year curriculum is rigorous and intellectually coherent, encouraging critical thinking through the study of a wide range of subjects in the traditional academic disciplines while encouraging an international perspective.
    • Beyond completing college-level courses and examinations, Diploma Program students are also required to engage in community service, individual research, and an inquiry into the nature of knowledge.
    • The two-year course of study leads to final examinations in six subject areas and a qualification widely recognized by the world's leading colleges and universities.

    York College recognizes the quality of the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The college awards one course credit in each subject for higher level examination scores of five or higher.

    English A: Language and Literature Higher Level requires a score of 6 or better.


  • Math Placement Assessment

    York College offers several math courses tailored to prepare you for the quantitative activities you will pursue in your major. The mathematics placement assessments are designed to help determine which math course is right for you.  Students may need to complete the math placement assessments before they can schedule classes.

    Which math assessment do I take?

    All majors (including Undeclared) will take the Algebra Assessment. However, you only need to take the Calculus Assessment if you are currently declared or interested in declaring one of the following majors:

    • Chemistry
    • Forensic Chemistry
    • Civil Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Computer Science
    • Cybersecurity Management
    • Engineering Management
    • Mathematics
    • Mid-Level Education Mathematics
    • Secondary Education Biology
    • Secondary Education General Science
    • Secondary Education Mathematics

    What to expect with the assessment

    Each assessment has 33 questions and you will have 180 minutes to complete each test. If you need, you may take an assessment a total of two (2) times. A calculator may be used during the assessment.

    If you are interrupted or lose internet service, you'll be able to resume where you left off as long as you log back into the assessment within the same day.

    How can I take the assessment? 

    • Go to the Stemify website to take the exam. Click on YCP.
    • Enter your MyYCP username and password.
    • The menu located in the upper left corner of your screen will provide you access to the Learning Library (available for you to review many relevant math concepts that will help you to be successful) and the Placement tests.

    What if I need help?

    For technical support (trouble accessing the test, problems during the test), please reach out to support@stemify.ai

    For advising-related questions, please contact the Academic Advising Center at 717.815.1531 or academicadvising@ycp.edu.

  • CLEP Equivalencies


    Current CLEP Equivalencies

    The table below lists the York College equivalent class for the CLEP test and score listed. The following is for students matriculated after 2015. 

    The minimum score required for CLEP credit is 50.
    Maximum credits allowed through CLEP toward Baccalaureate Degree: 60 credits; Associate Degree: 30 credits

    PLEASE NOTE: York College policy requires that the final 30 credits toward a student's degree must be taken in residence. Please be sure you are in compliance with this requirement before registering for a CLEP examination.

    CLEP Examination York College Credit Granting Score York College Credit Granted York College Equivalent Course(s)
    Composition and Literature   
    American Literature 50 3 credits LIT282 American Literature II
    Analyzing & Interpreting Literature 50 3 credits LIT200 Perspectives/Literature
    College Composition (w/ 2 essays) 50 3 credits FCO105 Rhetorical Comm
    English Literature 50 3 credits LIT284British Literature II 
    Humanities 50 3 credits HUM1XX Humanities Elective 
    Science and Mathematics
    Algebra 50 3 credits MAT105 College Algebra
    Biology 50 4 credits BIO150 Biology I 
    Chemistry 50 8 credits CHM134 & CHM136 General Chemistry I & II 
    Calculus with Elementary Functions 50 4 credits MAT171 Calculus I
    College Mathematics 50 3 credits MAT111 Critical Thinking/Problem Solving in Math
    Natural Sciences 50 6 credits PSC152 & PSC154 Physical Science I & II
    Precalculus 50 3 credits MAT108 Precalculus
    Foreign Languages
    NOTE: York College does not accept Foreign Language CLEP credits.
    History and Social Sciences   
    American Government 50 3 credits PS101 American Government and Citizenship
    Educational Psychology 50 3 credits EDU370/375 Psych. of Learning, Elementary/Secondary
    US History I 50 3 credits HIS111 American Civilization I
    US History II 50 3 credits HIS112 American Civilization II
    Human Growth & Development 50 3 credits PSY221 Child and Adolescent Development
    Principles of Macroeconomics 50 3 credits ECO200 Principles of Economics - Macro
    Principles of Microeconomics 50 3 credits ECO201 Principles of Economics - Micro
    Introductory Psychology 50 3 credits PSY100 General Psychology
    Social Sciences and History 50 6 credits BEH1XX Social Science Elective
    Introductory Sociology 50 3 credits SOC100 Introduction to Sociology
    Western Civilization I 50 3 credits HIS101 Western Civilization I
    Western Civilization II 50 3 credits HIS102 Western Civilization II
    Financial Accounting 50 3 credits ACC220 Financial Accounting
    Introductory Business Law 50 3 credits BUS260 Legal Environment of Business
    Information Systems 50 3 credits IFS105 Personal Productivity Computing
    Principles of Management 50 3 credits MGT150 Principles of Management
    Principles of Marketing 50 3 credits MKT100 Principles of Marketing
  • CLEP Exam Information

    May 2024

    • Wednesday, May 15, 6:15 p.m.
    • Sunday, May 19, 9:30 a.m. - test canceled
    • Tuesday, May 28, 6:15 p.m.

    June 2024

    • Saturday, June 1, 9:30 a.m.
    • Wednesday, June 12, 6:15 p.m.
    • Friday, June 14, 2:00 p.m. - reserved
    • Friday, June 14, 3:00 p.m.
    • Tuesday, June 25, 6:15 p.m.

     Fees & Other Costs for CLEP Exams: 

    The fee for each CLEP exam is $93. You may register for a maximum of two exams per test date. All CLEP exam payments must be made by test-takers online through the CLEP My Account Registration Portal

    *York College also requires a separate nonrefundable Service Fee of $25 per test date  (cash, check or money order only, made payable to York College of Pennsylvania.  Please complete the CLEP Registration Form and return to schedule your test date.

    Location of Exams:

    CLEP exams are given on the York College campus, in the Humanities Building Room 23 (Student Accessibility Services & Testing Center).

    In Case the College is Closed due to Inclement Weather:

    If the College is closed and classes are canceled due to inclement weather on the day of the scheduled CLEP testing, the testing will be canceled for that date. Closings and cancellations are posted on the College homepage. You will be notified by email and/or phone as soon as the information is available.

    Other Helpful Information:

    Once your registration has been processed you will receive an email confirming the date and time of your CLEP exam.

    You must bring your CLEP Exam Registration Ticket with you on exam day. Your registration ticket is given to you once you successfully complete your exam registration online through the CLEP website. Please print this information and have it with you on your exam day. Extended time for tests must be scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday. 

    *NOTE: York College will no longer accept Foreign Language CLEP credits for use in York College curriculums. We will still offer the exams for students from other colleges, but York College students will not be allowed to apply those credits toward their degrees.

    ATTENTION York College Students: York College policy requires the final 30 credits toward a student's degree must be taken in residence. Please be sure you are in compliance with this requirement before registering for a CLEP examination.

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