Spring on the York College campus

Residency Requirement

‌‌York College of Pennsylvania is a four-year residential college. As such, all first-year students, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are required to live on campus, unless they are enrolled as a commuting student. This includes transfer and readmitted students. Commuters are those students who reside from the home of their parent/guardian within a 35-mile radius of the campus and reside at their legal residence.

December graduates requesting housing for one semester are not guaranteed, and applications will be reviewed based on space.

Students may apply to live off-campus, with the authorization of the Residence Life Office, in a dwelling unit which is not the domicile of a parent/guardian if:

  1. they pay their housing deposit and complete their housing contract for the upcoming academic year,
  2. they fill out and complete an off-campus application (applications will be reviewed by credits earned, with priority given to those who have earned the most),
  3. they are in good academic standing (eligible to be full-time without restriction or probation),
  4. they are in good discipline standing – student conduct records will be reviewed,
  5. the dwelling unit they plan to live in must be licensed by the City of York or relevant municipality,
  6. they complete an online educational course regarding off-campus housing policies and expectations,
  7. they confirm in writing their understanding that York College of Pennsylvania does not warrant the suitability or safety of the off-campus dwelling unit they plan to occupy and that the student is responsible to ascertain that the unit is suitable, safe, and in compliance with applicable law.

 Not all students that apply will receive permission to live off-campus. We discourage students from signing leases until they have been granted permission from Residence Life to reside off-campus. Please see Off-Campus Application Process section in the Student Handbook for full procedures.

Commuting- On-campus students wishing to commute from the domicile of a parent/guardian must request to do so through the application process, which is usually due by middle of March of the current academic year. They must also live within 35 miles of York College of Pennsylvania. If a request is made after the published deadline, you may be denied.

Students who are approved to live off-campus or commute will have their scholarships and financial aid affected; students must consult with the Office of Financial Assistance and acknowledge this change as part of their approval to live off-campus or commute. ​

Students may apply for an exemption from the residency requirement; if the extenuating circumstances are deemed eligible for appeal. Please contact the Office of Residence Life for more information.

Violations of the Housing Policy (on and off-campus) shall be adjudicated through the College student conduct process. We encourage all students to be aware of their rights and responsibilities regarding occupancy and safety. These ordinances vary according to the municipality in which the home/apartment is located. Contact the local borough or township office for ordinances that apply to that locality.

York College Housing Contract

This contract is for the academic year, or summer sessions, whichever is applicable, or any prorated portion thereof. This contract does not provide housing during recess periods. At the end of the academic year, each student must check out, return room key(s), and remove all belongings from the room.

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