Spring on the York College campus

Doris and Bernard Gordon

When students arrive on campus as freshmen, they begin the next chapter of their lives away from their homes and families' traditions. They will be living with a group of other students with diverse backgrounds and beliefs. 
"This is the time when students need to find a way to maintain their traditions," said Doris Gordon '78, a trustee emerita of York College. "For Jewish students, an organization like Hillel allows them to explore and celebrate their identities with Jewish and non-Jewish students."
Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, the largest Jewish campus organization in the world, provides opportunities for students at more than 500 colleges and universities. At York College, approximately 100 of the 4,600 students are members of Hillel, making it "small and mighty," a phrase used for Hillel student organizations on campuses with small Jewish populations.
"My husband, Bernie, and I would like to see York's Hillel grow into something larger with a house that features traditional kosher meals," said Doris. "Jewish students need kosher meals, and some students may not be able to get home for dinners and holidays, so we want them to have a place to go." "That is why we decided to give to York," Bernie added.
"We believe in celebrating Jewish history and keeping traditions such as Shabbat (the weekly day of rest) alive," said Doris. "Our gift to York can help do that for many future students."
Doris and Bernard Gordon
Bernard and Doris Gordon