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Renee Tacka


Renee Tacka is a doctoral-level business professional with 23+ years of experience achieving results in the media, research, consumer goods, and retail industries. She is accomplished in business and operational planning, market development, team management, budgeting, and all functional areas of marketing, including sales, advertising, consumer behavior, database marketing, and market research. She is also a well-known educator throughout the media industry, having trained many newspaper and media clients in sales, advertising, and market research techniques to accomplish both internal and external company goals and objectives. Throughout her career, Renee has helped her clients and employers solve business problems with the application of data and analytic tools to understand different customer segments, build new products that align with segment needs, and create targeted advertising messages that communicate directly with the audience to drive sales results. At The Patriot-News, she not only led a sales team, but also an audience development team that was tasked with understanding how readers interacted with the paper based on media frequency and [newspaper] format preference. Integrated with internal subscriber data, this model enhanced the paper’s communication with its current and prospective readers, while tightening its marketing efforts to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.Her dissertation, Consumer Impulsivity and Attitude: A Quantitative Study of Instant Consumable Snack Food (ICSF) Purchases, focused on how attitude-based ICSF product marketing offers an opportunity for marketers in both the consumer and shopper marketing fields to grow the category by increasing the knowledge base around cognitive-affective shopping behavior, not only among the high-purchasing affective shoppers, but also among the lower consuming cognitive shoppers.