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Diversity and Student Resilience (M.Ed.)

Prepare yourself as an educator to support the full range of needs among your students.

York College Diversity and Student Resilience program will help prepare you as an educator to support the full range of needs among your students. Your studies will include child and adolescent mental health literacy, social and cultural competence, supporting student social and emotional needs, structural inequity in education, education policy and reform, school and community collaboration for resilience and a research seminar. This program will position you to build the skills you need to help your students overcome non-academic factors that affect learning.

You can choose to earn the full Master of Education degree with a specialization in Diversity and Student Resilience (33 credits) or to earn the Youth Resilience Certificate alone (12 credits). Students with a valid Pennsylvania teaching certificate will also be able to apply to PDE for the Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Wellness endorsement (PK-12).

Like all graduate education programs, our classes will be offered using a blended approach and are fee free! We are also proud to offer several courses in this program at our new Center for Community Engagement in Downtown York!

Male teaching gives student a high five in classroom.


  • The Education Graduate Core (Required for the M.Ed. Degree)
    • MED501 - Introduction to Educational Research (3)
    • MED502 - Development, Learning, and Inclusive Practices (3)
    • MED503 - Curriculum Trends and Issues (3)
    • MED5XX - Graduate Elective (Level 500+) (3)
  • Courses for Diversity and Student Resilience Specialization
    • MED580 - Structural Inequity in Education (3)
    • MED582 - Education Policy and Reform (3)
    • MED584 - Mental Health Literacy for Educators (3)
    • MED586 - Social and Cultural Responsiveness (3)
    • MED588 - Supporting Social and Emotional Needs (3)
    • MED590 - School and Community Collaboration
    • MED592 - Research Seminar in Diversity and Resilience (3)
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