Spring on the York College campus

Joseph Scarcelli, PhD


  • PhD, Purdue University
  • MS, Purdue University
  • BA, Purdue University

Research Interests

  • Food safety/disaster preparedness
  • Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry
  • Customer perception of service, quality

Recent Publications

  • Scarcelli, J., Almanza, B. (2021). Restaurant restrooms as they relate to kitchens: Customer perceptions vs. Inspection scores; Regaining trust post-pandemic. International Journal of Gaming, Tourism and Hospitality, 1(1), 1-16. https://stockton.edu/light/documents/ijght_vol.1-no.1/restaurants_and_public_perception-10.14.21.pdf
  • Scarcelli, J., Nelson, D. (2013). Loss of electricity and refrigerated foods: avoiding the danger zone. FIU Hospitality Review, 31(2), 1-13. Article 5. https://digitalcommons.fiu.edu/hospitalityreview/vol31/iss2/5.
  • Barber, N., Scarcelli, J. (2010). Enhancing the assessment of tangible service quality through the creation of a cleanliness measurement scale. Managing Service Quality, 20(1), 70-88. DOI:10.1108/09604521011011630
  • Barber, N., & Scarcelli, J. M. (2009). Clean restrooms: How important are they to restaurant consumers? Journal of Foodservice, 20(6), 309-320. https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1748-0159.2009.00155.x
  • Barber, N., Scarcelli, J., Almanza, B. A., Daniel, J. R., & Nelson, D. (2007). Silicone bakeware: Does it deliver a better product? Journal of Foodservice, 18(1), 43-51. https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1745-4506.2007.00045.x