A student wearing safety goggles and latex gloves works with chemicals in the lab.


STEM Scholars

A scholarship program built for students majoring in STEM fields like Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, or Mathematics. 

Three students work in the chemistry lab, wearing lab equipment and safety goggles. One pours a chemical into a petri dish while the others look on.

Join a Community of Scientific Learners

The STEM Scholars Program spans the first three semesters of your college experience. Through a common course taken with your fellow Scholars each semester and co-curricular activities like research projects and community outreach, you'll set a strong foundation for your academic journey and your future career. By applying to this program, you indicate your understanding of the program's three-year commitment and agree to the following:

  • STEM Scholars must be first-time students at York College of Pennsylvania
  • You must show interest in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, and/or math
  • Demonstrate academic ability or promising potential in STEM (e.g., high school or transfer GPA, SAT scores, essay responses)
  • Agree to enroll in the learning community's required courses, including General Chemistry I lecture and lab (CHM 134/135)
  • Agree to live on campus for your first year as part of the residential learning community. (Note: Limited spaces are available for commuters.)

STEM Scholars Program Outline

York College's STEM Scholars Program provides students with opportunities to work with peers across disciplines in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics. During their first three semesters at YCP, STEM Scholars get a jump start as they develop collaborative, research-driven projects in a cohort that lives and learns together. 

First Semester

In your first year, you will be encouraged to connect with peers who think like you do, but have diverse perspectives. Incoming STEM Scholars will take required courses together — and you'll also live together in the highly coveted Northside Commons residence hall, in a wing specifically set aside for STEM Scholars.

Second Semester

As you continue through the academic year, you'll discover new opportunities to interact with fellow scientists and engineers beyond your classmates and fellow Northside Commons residents. You'll work collaboratively to combine your knowledge with others from multiple fields of study — and you will be supported and encouraged to identify, understand, and directly impact real-world problems in our community.

Third Semester

In your third semester, you may apply for the York Engaged Scholars (YES) program. YES will allow you to continue your multidisciplinary skill-building by working with other scholars on design thinking, entrepreneurial design, and invention processes. You will achieve a deeper understanding of the ways you can work with other scientists and scholars to apply your specialized knowledge and, ultimately, change the world. (Priority will be given to applications received by March 15.)

Program Benefits and Opportunities

All STEM Scholars will live on campus in a residence hall with the other Scholars for their first year. 

You will take classes together, study together, and live together — which will enhance your personal and interpersonal development. Bonus: your RA will be a STEM major!

Woven throughout your first two years at YCP is the STEM Colloquium (STM 100 and STM 200). This course serves as the meeting point for your collaboration and innovative work with other scientists to impact the world. 

In STM 100, you will work with faculty and community partners to identify an interdisciplinary project that is relevant to the field.

STEM Scholars have the opportunity to work one one-on-one with:

  • Other STEM students as peer mentors
  • Innovative and interdisciplinary faculty
  • Leading members of local industries

A multi-pronged approach to mentoring will provide you with countless resources and support as you develop your academic and career plans.

Contact Us

STEM Scholars Program

Jessica Fautch, Ph.D.
Director of STEM Scholars Program
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Campbell Hall, Room 211A