Electrical Engineering Student

Co-op Requirements

  • Student Checklist

    To receive a passing grade on your co-op assignment all students must complete all of the actions listed in the Co-op Checklist.

  • Co-op Survey Requirements

    At the completion of each co-op term you will be responsible for ensuring that both of the co-op evaluation surveys are completed. You will receive two emails approximately 3 weeks prior to the end of your co-op semester with instructions and a link to the following surveys. A reminder email will be sent at least 3 more times until a completed survey is received.

  • Co-op Poster Requirements

    You are also required to complete a Co-op Poster at the end of your co-op semester.  See Co-op Poster Requirements

    • The poster must be approved by your supervisor and your faculty advisor before considered complete.
    • The deadline for submitting poster text to your faculty advisor is one week after the beginning of the semester following the co-op period.
  • Co-op Requirement Deadlines
    • All final materials, including final poster report, are due three weeks after the beginning of the semester following the co-op period.
    • All co-op students initially receive a grade of “I.” This grade is then changed to either “P” or “F” based on the student’s co-op performance, including the poster. The deadline for this grade change is 60 days from the last day of finals in the semester in which the coursework is taken or the student automatically receives a grade of “F.” Thus, it is imperative that the above deadlines be met in order for the faculty advisor to submit the grade change on time.


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Engineering Co-Operative Program

Joanne Wilkes, Program Director
Advises Mechanical, Computer and Electrical Engineering students
Kinsley Engineering Center
Phone:  717.815.1733
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Kelly Arcieri, Co-op Advisor
Advises Civil Engineering students
Civil Engineering Center
Phone:  717.815.2075
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