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Gerontology (Minor)

Enhance your studies, and your resume, with a minor. Adding a minor is a great way to provide yourself with a well-rounded education, or just to learn more about a subject you’re passionate about. Choosing a minor that complements your major can help you to strengthen your understanding of a specific aspect of the field. Or you may want to add a minor in a related field that gets you started in something that you would like to pursue further in your career or in graduate school. A minor can also demonstrate to potential employers that you are eager to learn as much as you can and are willing to put in the extra effort, which makes you a more compelling candidate.

See more information about the Gerontology minor, including course requirements, in the course catalog.

A student works with a resident in a nursing home to use an Ipad.
York College Gerontology student teaches a senior how to use an iPad.


York College students earn certified validation worker status for working with adults with dementia.

Working with adults with dementiaCertified Validation Workers

As just one of the ways York College prepares students, eight Certified Validation Workers celebrate the completion of two semesters of working with older adults who have dementia. They've learned specialized techniques in communicating with and supporting older adults with dementia. They each completed 28 one-to-one sessions with older adults with dementia- primarily at Country Meadows Retirement Community on a Memory Support unit.

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