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Technical Communication and Writing

Be a part of tomorrow’s scientific and technical world!

Technical communicators are in high demand in such diverse fields as health and medicine, engineering, finance, government, and the sciences. Anywhere you find companies, local, state and federal governments, and nonprofits, you will find technical communicators. They are the people who work with researchers, lawyers, and engineers to write and design the documents, web content, and video content that makes our world work. If you’ve ever seen an owner’s manual for a new car or an informational video for a new product, then you’ve seen the work of a technical communicator!  

Technical communicators and writers need proficiency in desktop publishing software, graphics, and photo imaging, and other digital technologies, our BS Technical Communication combines the audio and video production courses from our Mass Communication program, the writing, research, publication management and editing courses from our Professional Writing program, the design courses from our Graphic Design program, and a technical or scientific minor of your choosing. This powerful combination of coursework and real-world experience will mean you are prepared for an exciting career helping the world understand and use complex information and products.

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