At York College, we’re dedicated to giving you access to hands-on learning, internships, expert faculty and all the other tools to transform your career ambition into a reality.

It’s a bold statement to say we launch students into their dream careers. But that’s exactly what we have molded our entire academic program around — with the successful graduates to prove it. It’s that perfect combination of top-tier academics, rigorous and exciting coursework, a well-rounded curriculum, and connecting you with leaders in your field.

From your first day on campus, you’ll find we are deeply invested in maximizing your academic experience. With highly-specialized and sought-after degrees available, York College is the right fit to launch your career. Let’s get started.

York College students getting hands-on learning in our creek.
Hands-on learning means getting out of the classroom early and often.

Cutting-Edge Academic Programs

From day one, most of your classes are small and all of your teachers are passionate subject matter experts. What's more they are laser focused on your academic and personal success.

A strong foundation From day one

Innovative degrees. Professional experiences. Personalized learning.
York College students can attend a majors fair to help pick a degree program.
Academic Advising
We pair you with an academic advisor who will help with declaring a major — our Majors Fair is a popular event! — choosing courses, and other core academic needs.
York College First Year Seminar
First Year Seminar
The kick-off course for incoming students, this program gets you used to college-level inquiry on a specialized topic. These aren’t your grandfather’s courses, either — movies, bugs, online relationships and more issues are available. We look at learning beyond textbooks in FYS.
Generation Next curriculum logo at York College
Generation Next
You are more than your major. It’s our fundamental belief at York College, and Generation Next serves as the basis for your liberal arts education by having you take classes across the spectrum. This is where “well-rounded” gets tacked on to your resume.
Providing mentoring through the job search, internships, professional development and more.
Disability Support Services at York College provides handicap accessibility and more.
Accommodating students with disabilities and improving accessibility for all.
A glimpse under a tree on the main York College campus
Your connection for adding and dropping classes, schedules and more.