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Where students and their parents can find everything they need to know about account services.

We can help whether you need to set up a meal plan or if you want information on tuition and fees, payment plans, and eRefunds — if it's related to your student account, you'll need the Business Office at York College.

Let us guide you through everything, from setting up eBilling to making sure you’ve got a meal plan that will work for you. Through the office, we can answer questions regarding your semester payment plan or help keep you on track with semester balance deadlines and flex transfer requests.

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Flex cards, meal plans, tuition and more come through our office.

What you need to know

  • Business Office Resources

    Business Office Resources


    Those interested in living on campus during the Summer semester are required to pay a $50 housing deposit. 

    For students living on campus for Fall 2024, a $100 housing deposit is required.  For more information, please see the YCP Housing Policy .

    Instructions on how to pay a housing deposit online:

    1. Log into MyYCP
    2. Select the YCPWeb icon
    3. Select Pay Bill-Student Account tab
    4. Select Pay Housing Deposit
    5. Select Correct Term from drop down and click Submit
    6. Select HOUSING and click Submit 
    7. Enter payment information and select Continue Checkout
    8. Confirm payment information and select Submit Payment


    Summer 2024 semester eBills are slated to be available beginning on April 4.  Enrollment for the Summer 2024 three-month plan will be open from April 4 through April 30.  There is a $35.00 one-time enrollment fee that is included with your first payment at sign up.  Subsequent payments are due the 15th of each month.  If interested, please sign up through your my.ycp web account, select e-bill and choose payment plans.  See the below detailed instructions on how to sign up for a payment plan.

    *Note:  Certain majors are not eligible for the payment plan.


    Beginning with the Spring 2023 semester, eRefunds will begin being deposited into student bank accounts beginning on the first day of day classes.  Student refund checks (for those not signed up for eRefunds) will be available to students beginning 5 business days after the first day of day classes.  Both eRefunds and refund checks are generated weekly throughout the semester after the initial issuance.  Instructions to sign up for eRefunds are below.

    NOTE:  Eligible Veterans Benefits are billed after the drop/add period.  These funds are applied to the student account upon receipt.  If a refund is due, it will follow the standard refund policy in place at that time.


    Sign up now to start receiving your student account overpayment by direct deposit.  

    Signing up is quick and easy:

    1. Log in to your MyYCP school account, select the eBill icon, select My Account, and sign up for direct deposit refunds.
    2. Enter your designated bank account information.
    3. You will receive an email once your refund has been processed, if you are eligible for one.


    1.  Sign onto your my.ycp account

    2.  Click on the eBill icon

    3.  Select Make a Payment at the bottom of the screen which will pull up the amount due

    4.  This is where you change the amount, if you would like; then click on Continue

    5.  Select the payment type and click Continue

    6.  Enter payment information and click Continue

    7.  Enter a checkmark in the "I acknowledge.." box, then click on Continue

    8. Review the payment information and amount; if everything looks correct, click on Pay


    1. Sign into my.ycp.edu with your username and password.

    2. Select the eBill icon on the left.

    3. Choose Payment Plans on the left-hand side of the screen.

    4. Select View Payment Plan Options.

    5. After selecting the payment plan option, scroll down to enter an amount that you want to budget for the payment plan. There is a payment plan calculator available if you wish to use it for help in determining your budget.

    6. Scroll down, reviewing the individual payment amounts. Once you are satisfied that everything appears correct, select Enroll in Plan.

    7. Review the Truth in Lending and the Terms and Conditions. If you agree, scroll to the bottom to accept. Select Continue.

    8. Enter your date of birth and phone number. Select Continue.

    9. Review the Payment Due at Time of Enrollment page. If you agree, select Continue.

    10. Enter payment information. You will be asked if you want to be set up on auto payments and, if not, if you want to save the payment method information. Answer according to what you desire. If prompted, review and accept the Terms and Conditions. Select Continue.

    11. Acknowledge the service charge. Select Continue.

    12. Review the information shown on this screen to ensure accuracy. If correct, select Pay.


    1.  Sign onto your my.ycp account

    2.  Click on the YCP Web icon

    3.  Click on the Pay Bill/Student Account tab

    4.  Select Pay Deposits for Tuition and Housing

    5.  Select the term

    6.  Click Submit

    7.  Choose Housing if you are a residential student

    RETURNING students are no longer required to pay a tuition deposit. 

    All new, transfer, and readmit students will pay the tuition (and housing, if applicable) deposit through their admissions process. Additionally, non-matriculated students must still pay a deposit through Admissions each semester.

    8.  Click Submit

    9.  Enter credit card information (Note:  There is no convenience fee when paying a deposit.)

    10. Click Next

    11. Review payment information; if correct, enter email address for receipt and click on Submit Payment


    Students can create a parent account for proxy access to important information that pertains to the student. Through the parent proxy account, parents can access information including warning grades, final grades, pay deposits, and view/pay eBills. Instructions can be found here.

  • 2023-24 Information

    2023-24 Information

  • Forms

    Business Office Forms

    Completed forms may be submitted to the Business Office in person, or by mail, fax or email:

    York College of Pennsylvania
    Business Office
    441 Country Club Rd
    York, PA 17403
    Fax: 717.849.1620

    Business Office Forms

  • Important Deadlines

    Calendar of important dates and deadlines


    Fall 2024 Semester Important Dates 

    February 1                

    First day 2024-25 housing deposits ($100) are being accepted.

    NOTE:  Tuition deposits are no longer required for returning students. New, transfer, and non-matriculated students must pay a tuition and housing (if applicable) deposit through the admissions process.

    July 9 by the end of the day  

    Statements/eBills will be posted for registered students.  NOTE:  Your Statement will reflect your authorized financial aid; however, your Overview/Balance and your Activity Details WILL NOT reflect financial aid until August 16 (the financial aid disbursement date). eBills are updated weekly through drop/add if any changes are made to the account.

    July 10  

    *Meal plan selection is available online through August 21 for those who want to change or add a meal plan.  

    *The optional 4-month payment plan through Transact Campus opens. If interested, enrollment is completed through either the student's YCP portal or through the parent proxy account. Instructions can be found on the Business Office website - under Resources.

    July 31    Last day to enroll in the 4-month payment plan for the semester. This can be done through the student's YCP portal or through the parent portal. Instructions can be found on the Business Office website - under Resources.
    August 1   The optional 3-month payment plan through Transact Campus opens. If interested, enrollment is completed through either the student's YCP portal or through the parent proxy account. Instructions can be found on the Business Office website - under Resources.
    August 2  

    *Due date of fall semester Statement/eBill.

    *Flex cards are now activated for new students. Deposits can be made to the YCP Flex card by visiting the YCP Business Office website and selecting the Flex Card button. Please REMEMBER that flex card money can no longer be used to purchase books from the Spartan Store.  

    *If interested, requests can start to be made to transfer student account credits to the flex account.  Students should send an email to businessoffice@ycp.edu from their YCP email address with this request.  If a parent plus loan creates the overpayment, the email must be sent from the parent's email address.


     August 16


    *Financial aid disbursement date.  All approved financial aid will now be reflected on your Overview/Balance and Activity Details.

    *Last day for students/parents to request a transfer from an overpaid student account to the flex card.

    August 19   Flex card transfer requests will be completed and funds will be available for use.  
    August 21   Last day for online meal plan selection.  Contact the Business Office for assistance with plans after this date.  Meal plans can be changed through the end of drop/add.  
    August 26  

    If enrolled for eRefunds, refund direct deposits will start to be deposited into student bank accounts for credit balances existing on student accounts.   

    NOTE:  eRefund direct deposits will continue to be processed weekly throughout the semester as financial aid/payments are received and as a credit balance exists on the student account.

    August 30  

    Refund checks will start to be available for pickup for credit balances existing on student accounts.  A photo ID is required to pick up a refund check in the Business Office. 

    NOTE:  Refund checks will continue to be processed weekly throughout the semester as financial aid/payments are received and as a credit balance exists on the student account.

    September 3  

    *Last day to change your meal plan selection through the Business Office.  After this date, meal plans can only be added or increased during the semester.

    *Last day to enroll in the optional payment plan for the spring semester.  This can be done through the student's YCP portal or through the parent portal.  Instructions can be found on the Business Office website - under Resources.

    September 13  

    Parent PLUS Loan refund checks will begin to be issued and mailed. 





  • Overpayment

    Overpayment of Account/Loan Refunds

    York College will issue to students a refund of financial aid or other overpayment received that is in excess of charges posted only after those funds have been received.

    Student Loans:
    An eRefund (direct deposit) or refund check will be processed if a credit balance occurs as loan money is received. If a credit balance exists, the earliest date that an eRefund is available is the first day of the semester, while the earliest date that a refund check will be available is up to five business days after the first day of the semester. Unclaimed checks are held in the Business Office for a minimum of one week but may be held for up to two weeks at which time the checks are mailed to the permanent address on file. Photo identification is required to pick up a refund check in the Business Office.

    Parent PLUS Loans:
    Refunds will be processed after the drop/add period. The check will be issued in the name of the parent and mailed to the permanent address.

    Parents may submit written authorization to release the credit to the student. The check will then be issued in the student's name. Parents can complete and return the 
    PLUS Loan Refund Release Form or send an email to businessoffice@ycp.edu to provide authorization.

    Overpayments & Miscellaneous Credits:

    Refund checks will be issued for all credits over $5.00. Checks will be mailed to the permanent legal address on file in the Registrar's Office if they are not picked up in the Business Office.

  • Holds

    Tuition and Deposit Holds

    Holds can be viewed online through YCPWeb by selecting Student Services, Student Records, and View Holds.  For information or assistance with holds, please contact the originating office directly.  The Business Office is the originator of the following financial-related hold:

    Tuition Hold
    A tuition hold on your account is a result of an outstanding balance on your student account.  An outstanding balance can result from unpaid tuition, fees, room, and board or other miscellaneous charges (i.e. parking violation charges, health center charges, ID card replacement charges, etc.)  

    A tuition hold will stop the release of grades and prevent registration for upcoming semesters. This hold may also prevent the release of transcripts.  It will also prevent scheduling changes prior to the start of the semester and during the drop/add period.

    When an outstanding student account balance is paid in full, the tuition hold will be removed from your account.  Click for instructions on How to Pay Your eBill Online.  For online payments, a tuition hold will be removed the next business day or you can contact the Business Office to request the hold be removed immediately.  Payments can also be made in the Business Office via cash or check.

    Deposit Hold

    A deposit hold on your account is a reminder that a tuition deposit must be paid prior to registering for an upcoming semester.  This only applies to our new, transfer, re-admit, and non-matriculated students. Returning students do not need to pay a tuition deposit in order to register.


  • 1098-T Information

    1098-T Information

    The 2023 IRS 1098-T Tax Forms will be available to you on or before January 31.  A paper copy will not be mailed. This form is used in preparation of the 2023 1040 Federal tax return for the student or, if a dependent, the party that can claim the educational tax credit.  Please be sure to review and verify the accuracy of the student's social security number (SSN) and address. If there are any discrepancies, a change form must be completed in our Registrar's Office. They can be reached at registrar@ycp.edu 

    Parent's, you will need to have proxy access for your student's account in order to view the 1098-T.  If you are not already set up, please do so by following these instructions.  The set up is a twofold process, your student will complete Step 1 and you finish with Step 2.

    To Access Your 2023 Form 1098-T:
    1. Log into MyYCP (my.ycp.edu)
    2. Click on the YCPWeb icon
    3. Select the Pay Bill - Student Account tab
    4. Click on the 1098T Tuition Payment Tax Form link
    5. Enter Tax Year: 2023 and click Submit

    Please be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions below. It may be helpful in answering some common questions you may have.

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