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Getting Involved as a Transfer Student at York College

October 16, 2023
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Making the decision to transfer from one college to another can seem intimidating. Whether you’re making the move from a four-year institution or a community college, this decision means a big change and some feelings of uncertainty as questions about financial aid, transferring credits, and whether or not you’ll feel at home circle in your head. While these feelings are completely normal, believe us when we say that getting involved on campus as a transfer student is easier than you think! Here are a few tips from current transfer students and our expert staff at York College of Pennsylvania to help you ease into your life as a Spartan!

Tips from YCP Transfer Students 

“Check your email regularly for updates from the College. Events for the whole campus and for your specific major are typically communicated through your email.”

  • Hailey Kehoe ‘24, Fine Art 

At YCP, staying on top of your inbox is the golden ticket for having a successful college career. It’s also the best way to stay up-to-date on the different events happening around campus. Be on the lookout for emails or announcements from Student Activities and Orientation, the Campus Activities Board (CAB), and other campus departments. 

Bonus Tip: Download the YCP app (Apple Store / Google Play) and keep everything from varsity athletic events and intramurals to musicals and hypnotist shows right in the palm of your hand!

“Definitely attend the Involvement Fair! It’s a great place to see things you can join and find clubs you’re interested in.” 

  • Zoe Stove ‘26, Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Our annual Involvement Fair is the perfect place to get the lay of the land when it comes to clubs and organizations at YCP. During the early weeks of the fall semester, student organizations set up around the Main Campus lawn for new and returning students to get a glimpse of everything they have a chance to get involved in. The Involvement Fair is the perfect place to ask questions and talk face-to-face with current club members. 

“Take chances and embrace the possibility that you may not enjoy everything you try. You can easily stop attending almost any organization or event you do not find fulfilling.” 

  • Matthew Hanna ‘24, Recreation Leadership 

Matthew is 100 percent right when he says you might not like everything you try, and that’s okay! As a transfer student, you might have already given one or two institutions a try and realized they just weren’t for you. You learned that stepping away from something that doesn’t bring you joy or fulfillment is what’s best for you. Just let the organization know that you’ll be taking a step back from attending their meetings or donating your time to their events. Trust us, there won’t be any hard feelings. 

Tips from YCP Professionals

“No matter when you come to YCP, the best way to get involved is just by showing up! Whether you’re a resident or a commuter, if you hide away in your room, it’s hard to meet people and find opportunities.” 

  • Tami Amrom Miller, Associate Director of Student Activities and Orientation 

Sometimes all it takes is making yourself present. YCP has something to offer students of all ages and residence status, and we firmly believe that you don’t have to live on campus to become an integrated member of the YCP community. While being a transfer student might mean coming into a new school during your sophomore or junior year, you’ll find that you feel like you’ve been here from the very beginning when you put yourself out there and just show up (no participation required!). Try joining the student section at an athletic event or hang out in the crowd at an open mic night. You never know who you’ll meet or what opportunities will fall into your lap!

“Go to Orientation! It helps you understand how your new school functions, teaches you common YCP acronyms, and helps you meet other students transferring the same semester as you.” 

  • Kia Kuresman, Director of Academic Advising 

Orientation isn’t just for first-year students! You might not need to learn all the ins and outs of college life, but getting a closer look at building locations, campus resources, and meeting fellow transfer students with our Orientation Leaders is certainly a plus. 

“We know transfer students come from all different backgrounds and have dealt with different academic experiences. Our team in the Transfer Resource Center makes sure our students are prepared and feel comfortable with their entire transfer process. We want York College to feel like home and that they made the right choice in transferring!”

  • Erica Schieler, Associate Director of Transfer Admissions

Like Erica says, Our Transfer Resource Center is dedicated to giving our transfer students all the support and guidance they need to jump right into life as a Spartan! That’s why we’ve been named to the Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Honor Roll every year since 2016.

If you’re interested in transferring to York College, reach out to our Transfer Team or schedule a Transfer Tuesday visit!