Spring on the York College campus

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Researching, Planning, and Applying to College

September 14, 2021
An illustration shows a person in diving gear popping out of an open book, along with ocean life.

Diving In!

Selecting the right college takes time, and it's important that parents and students discuss their preferences as a family. Dialogue and active listening about these decisions is important. Students should take ownership of the college search process; however, it's important for the parents/guardians to play an active role.

Begin by prioritizing in importance to help target your research and applications. Where is the college located? Is it near home or far away? What major(s) are you considering? What are the college's financial aid options? Are athletics a priority for you? What about social activities? 

Researching Possible Colleges

There are many sites that allow you to search for colleges based on the factors you determined are most important. Start by checking out bigfuture.collegeboard.org and www.niche.com.

Contact the College

Found a college that might be a match? Maybe you’re eager to learn more about York! Go online and complete a request for information form or email the Admissions Office with specific questions

College Fairs

College Fairs are held at high schools, in the community, and online. They provide the opportunity to speak with an Admissions Counselor and pick up materials from many different schools. Check out virtualcollegefairs.org and attend as many college fairs as possible.


Visiting the college, virtually or in person, provides opportunities for you and your family to speak directly with admissions counselors, financial aid officers, and current students. Many colleges also offer summer programs for high school students that may be tied to an academic interest or leadership program. Some programs allow students to stay overnight on campus, to help students get a feel for the college.