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Weinstock Venture Investment Fund

Have an idea you're ready to turn into a business?

The Weinstock Venture Investment Fund is specifically designed to help York College students and recent alumni take their business from idea to implementation. Through funding, education, mentorship and access to angel investors, students will get all the resources they need to think like an entrepreneur and make their business a reality, all while still enrolled in school!

Here's how it works:

York College students and recent alumni interested in applying to the fund can expect to go through 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Apply, pitch, and if selected, receive seed funding (up to $5,000!)
  • Step 2: Participate in the J.D. Brown Center McNees Accelerator to help your business get off the ground
  • Step 3: Potential to receive additional funding

Applications for the fifth annual Weinstock Venture Investment Fund will open in the Fall!

Five people sit around a table, pointing at documents and a brainstorming board

About the Fund

The Weinstock Venture Investment Fund (WVIF) was founded and funded by York College alumni Norm Weinstock '58. Norm earned his Associate degree from York Junior College, and has since enjoyed lengthy, successful careers at both Dentsply International and Henry Schein.

Briaunna Embrey-Banks doing schoolwork
Briaunna Embrey-Banks '22, Owning My Blackness

Year Four Winners

Owning My Blackness (OMB) is an organization that works to educate, advocate, and elevate black students. Started by 2022 Criminal Justice grad Briaunna Embrey-Banks, OMB runs diversity and empathy training, helps schools create more inclusive policies, and holds educational speaking events at both the college and high school level.

"I am honored to be a recipient of the Weinstock Venture Investment Fund," said Embrey-Banks. "The funding is giving me the opportunity to be successful."

Lehr Labs, led by 2020 Mechanical Engineering grads Evan Lehr and Marcos Rivera, is a 3D printing company that combines innovative technology, extensive manufacturing experience, and a passion for 3D printing.

The WVIF board was extremely receptive and supportive in providing connections and resources, according to the team at Lehr Labs. “The contacts we made from the WVIF board were invaluable and it was definitely worth participating in the pitch. The funding and mentorship mean a lot to us given that it will help us accelerate our innovation and drive our business development."

Meet the Board

The executive board of the WVIF consists of its founder and a number of successful entrepreneurs and College staff who all wish to see students succeed in entrepreneurship while still attending school.

Norm Weinstock   Patti Stirk   Stephen Weinstock   A YCP Weinstock Board Member

Norm Weinstock '58
Retired President and Chairman,
Zahn Dental Company

  Patti Stirk '87/'99
President and CEO,
Star Systems Engineering, Inc.
d/b/a SMALL STAR Art House
  Stephen Weinstock
Owner, Stock's on 2nd
Serial Restaurateur
  Martin Fedorko
Managing Partner,
White Rose Venture Fund
Brent Wrisley   Jeff Vermeulen     Oscar Winters   Headshot of Brian Biddulph-Krentar
Brent Wrisley
CEO, Punch Cyber
Analytics Group
  Jeff Vermeulen
Chief of Staff to the President,
York College 
  Oscar Winters '14
Executive Director,
J.D. Brown Center
for Entrepreneurship
  Brian Biddulph-Krentar '97
Chief Strategy Officer,
School Sims


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Phone: 717.815.6639