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Grants and Awards

York College of Pennsylvania supports scholarly and creative activities that further the College's mission to "provide a high-quality, private education that emphasizes personal development, close faculty/student mentoring relationships, and real-world experiences."

As part of our commitment, we offer a number of internal funding sources to support students and faculty in activities that enhance their growth as scholars and educators. Our grants are designed to help begin new projects, enhance existing work in pedagogy or scholarship, fund student research or travel to conferences, and bring collaborators to campus.

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Grants for Faculty

  • Teaching Innovation Grant

    Applying for a Teaching Innovation Grant

    Teaching Innovation Grants are intended to promote excellence in teaching through the development of innovative instructional methods, new ways of assessing learning, implementation of experiential learning opportunities, application of new digital tools, and/or the redesign of courses using approaches that are innovative to the individual, department, or institution.

    Funding Information

    Projects may be funded up to $1,500 for individual faculty and more for faculty teams. The spirit of the grant is to provide faculty the opportunity to test new ideas and assess the impact. If the idea is successful and faculty wish to continue using the new approach, faculty should request that the necessary funding be built into a department's operating budget. Funds are not to be used for materials more rightly funded by another source, such as departmental equipment or standard laboratory supplies and excludes funding for labor. 

    Application Process and Timeline

    All faculty members at York College of Pennsylvania may apply for a Teaching Innovation Grant. Please complete the online application form linked below. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the available funds are expended. Allow two weeks for the grant review process. Contact ctl@ycp.edu for more details.

    Proposal Criteria

    Each Teaching Innovation Grant proposal should include the following information.

    • Participant information: Name, department, and contact information. If you will work collaboratively or lead a group of faculty, provide your colleagues' information as well.
    • Abstract: Project title and an abstract suitable for public distribution and sharing on the website
    • Project significance: State the learning goals and needs this project is addressing
    • Project plan & timeline: Identify the methods you will use, the resources you need, and a timeline for project completion
    • Budget worksheet: Provide an itemized budget that specifies all anticipated expenses for the proposed project
    • Assessment plan: Description of an assessment plan that measures the impact of the innovation project on student learning

    Selection Criteria

    Grant applications are reviewed based on the following criteria.

    • Problem/need: The degree to which the project or course design/redesign addresses a significant pedagogical need and its likelihood of success in addressing the need specified
    • Teaching innovation and use of active learning strategies: The degree to which the approaches are innovative for the individual, the department, or the field, and are pedagogically sound; and the degree in which active learning strategies are planned to be implemented
    • Potential impact: The potential that the project has for enhancing student engagement, active learning, meeting learning outcomes and increasing student success in multiple disciplines, as well as the plan for sharing what is learned
    • Evaluation: The effectiveness of the proposed evaluation process in assessing the impact of the project on student learning

    Expectations of Grant Recipient

    • Use the grant funds only as specified in the approved grant proposal
    • Maintain your records to show and account for the uses of grant funds
    • Return non-consumable items purchased by the grant to York College of Pennsylvania. 
    • Cooperate with any efforts of YCP to publicize the grant award and comply with reasonable requests for information about project activities
    • Submit a final report assessing the fulfillment of project objectives and explain the use of grant funding in language that can be shared with a range of audiences
    • Share what you have learned from your project with your YCP colleagues, if applicable.
    • Completion and submission of "Request for Approval of Academic Field Trips" form, if applicable. 
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant Grant

    Applying for an Undergraduate Research Assistant Grant

    The Undergraduate Research Assistant Grant funds opportunities for students to pair with faculty who are in need of assistance on their own research projects.

    Students who do not have sufficient research experience to design and carry out their own research project gain first-hand mentored knowledge of research practices in their discipline, while faculty who would not otherwise be able to hire Research Assistants (RAs) get help with their own projects. The goal is to help students from any discipline, who have no prior research experiences and who are not yet ready to do independent research, to get training and mentoring in the research methods of their chosen discipline.

    Faculty can apply with a particular student(s) in mind, or the Center for Teaching and Learning can assist in finding a student for them. Applications are written and submitted by Faculty Mentors, not by students. Students looking for a Research Assistant position should reach out to faculty they'd like to work with and discuss the opportunity.

    Funding Information

    For fiscal year 2023-24, the maximum award is $1,000 (100 hours of work). If students choose to space out the 100 hours over two 15-week semesters, students would work about 3.5 hours a week. Funds go towards RA's hourly wages ($10.00/hour) and are paid directly to the student RA(s) through York College's payroll system.

    Guidelines and Time Commitment

    • Students can begin working any time after they have submitted the appropriate payroll paperwork.
    • Students can work more heavily in one semester than another, pending their course load and agreement with the faculty mentor.
    • Students can work over breaks, if agreed upon with faculty mentor.
    • Students CANNOT work more than 20 hrs/week, whether working for this job alone or in combination with another part-time campus job.
    • Students must complete and log all hours by June 15 of the academic year in which the grant was awarded.
    • Students should submit their pay vouchers bi-weekly to the Center for Teaching & Learning (CH 216). See the payroll calendar in the "Human Resources - General" Google Shared Drive or on the YCP portal under Human Resources.

    Application Process

    Faculty mentors should submit this application. The grants are awarded on a rolling basis, and the number of available grants in any given academic year will be based on available funding.  Faculty mentors should prepare the following information for the application:

    • Name of student researcher(s) and faculty mentor(s)
    • Description of the project and the expected role of the student researcher
    • Project timeline description
    • Budget worksheet

    Expectations of Student Research Assistants

    • Remain in good academic standing during the course of the research.
    • Participate in relevant professional development events sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning.
    • Submit a final report describing the learning experience to the Director of the CTL.
  • Other Funding Opportunities

    Other Funding Opportunities for Faculty

    Faculty should also consult the FDC-Funding committee for other YPC grants to support faculty research, travel, leadership, and support for summer research fellows. Additionally, the Office of the Provost offers stipends for faculty who apply for federal grants as a principal investigator.

    Faculty can also request support from the Center for Teaching and Learning to apply for the U.S. Fulbright Scholars Program.

Grants for Students

  • Undergraduate Research Grant

    Applying for an Undergraduate Research Grant

    Through research and creative opportunities, York College undergraduate researchers hone their ability to ask questions, communicate, organize, and investigate. This initiative is designed to inspire student researchers to reach beyond course requirements (therefore, although research projects selected for this grant may begin as class-based assignments, student work during a project funded by this grant may not be performed for a course grade—unless it is for an independent study).

    Funding Information

    Research grants of up to $500 will be available to support undergraduate research in any field. Applicants are encouraged to seek funding from multiple sources. Undergraduate Research Grants may be used to purchase laboratory supplies, media supplies, microfilm, software, or field materials; fund copying or printing expenses; support telephone, fax, or other communication costs; fund travel to a regional library, museum, or off-campus field site; or make possible other legitimate research expenses.

    • The funds must be expended directly in support of the proposed investigation and excludes funding for labor.
    • Funds are not to be used for materials more rightly funded by another source, such as departmental equipment or standard laboratory supplies.
    • Non-consumable items purchased in support of undergraduate research become the property of York College of Pennsylvania.
    • Computer software and hardware purchases must be approved by LTS.
    • Reimbursements will be distributed to members of the research team as designated by the faculty mentor and must follow the policies of the College.
    • Grants cannot be applied retroactively to cover expenses for research already completed.

    Application Process

    Student researchers and/or faculty mentors can submit this application. All student researchers must have a faculty mentor for the duration of the project, and students who submit this application must gain the endorsement of the faculty mentor to apply for the grant. Grants are awarded on a rolling basis, and the number of available grants in any given academic year will be based on available funding. Applicants should prepare the following information:

    • Name of student researcher(s) and faculty mentor(s)
    • Description of the project and the role of the student researcher(s) in developing the research question, methodology, data collection, analysis, and public dissemination
    • A statement that includes the research questions and a description of the proposed research methodology
    • An explanation of the anticipated outcomes of your research project
    • Project timeline description
    • Budget worksheet

    Grant Selection Criteria

    • Increased Student Learning: the degree to which the project will provide optimal learning experiences for the student participants
    • Social Impact: the degree to which the project shows potential for increased knowledge or social impact
    • Research Framework: the degree to which the research framework is appropriate to the aims of the project
    • Costs & Timeline: the degree to which the costs being funded and timeline are reasonable and consistent with the methods, aims, and goals of the research and within the parameters of the grant

    Expectations of Funded Researchers

    • Remain in good academic standing during the course of the research.
    • Participate in relevant professional development events sponsored by the Center for Academic Innovation.
    • Present at research showcases sponsored by the Office of the Provost.
    • Submit a final report assessing the fulfillment of project objectives and use of resources to the Director of the CTL.
  • Student Research Travel Grant

    Applying for a Student Research Travel Grant

    York College of Pennsylvania provides support and resources to students who engage in the high impact practice of undergraduate research. In order to help defray student travel expenses when presenting at a conference, we welcome applications for undergraduate research travel grants.

    Application Process

    Students may prepare and submit the application with the guidance and endorsement of a faculty mentor. Alternatively, faculty may apply on behalf of their students. These grants are awarded on a rolling basis, and the number of available travel grants in any given academic year will be based on available funding. Student researchers and faculty mentors are encouraged to seek funding from multiple sources in addition to applying for this grant. 

    Eligibility, Requirements, and Restrictions

    • Travel grants may be awarded up to a maximum of $400 per individual, capped at $2,000 for students attending the same conference.
    • Students must be in good academic standing (GPA 2.0) at YCP at time of application and travel. Student grade point averages will be verified during the selection and reimbursement process.
    • Travel must take place before June 15.
    • Grants are not guaranteed based solely on the submission of the application. All applications will be reviewed and a determination email will be sent within two weeks.
    • Grants are from internal York College funds and will be treated as travel reimbursements up to the amount awarded. The actual reimbursement is contingent upon compliance with York College travel policies and procedures. 
    • On the grant application, please provide the best estimate of the cost of transportation, lodging, and registration fees.

    Expectations of Funded Student Researchers

    1. Acknowledge the York College of Pennsylvania Center for Teaching and Learning on the poster or in the presentation, if you can.
    2. Submit a picture of yourself presenting your research at the conference for possible use in the Center for Teaching and Learning's webpage and newsletters.
    3. Present at the annual Spring Research Showcase, sponsored by the Office of the Provost.


    Important Notes for the Student Researcher and Faculty Mentor about the Reimbursement Procedure
    • Read the "York College Travel Policy Statement" in its entirety. The Statement can be found on the Google Drive for the Business Office.
    • Submit "Travel Expense Statements" (also found on the Google Drive) with all receipts attached to the Center for Teaching and Learning, no more than two weeks after returning from the trip. 
    • Prepaid costs (e.g. conference registration and/or airline tickets) can be submitted for reimbursement immediately after purchase, as long as the awarded funds are returned if the travel is canceled for any reason. 
    • Travel Statements submitted without the appropriate documentation or receipts will not be processed.
    • If grants are awarded to a team of student presenters, reimbursements up to the total of the amount awarded will be distributed to the members of the research team in the manner designated by the faculty mentor. On the Travel Expense Statement, clearly indicate to whom the reimbursement check(s) should be made out and provide accurate addresses.
    The following expenses are reimbursable up to the total amount of the travel award:
    • Registration Costs:  Provide an email confirmation or receipt from the professional organization that states the student's name, payment information, and cost.
    • Airline Costs: At the time airline tickets are purchased, the purchaser should print the receipt of payment, which lists the name and amount of the payment.  (This information is generally not included in a confirmation email, which is why it should be printed at the time of purchase.) Receipts for baggage fees are required for reimbursement.
    • Mileage Costs:  For use of a personal automobile, YCP can reimburse the driver a flat rate per mile using the prevailing IRS guidelines, so be sure to use the most recent version of the Travel Expense Statement when making this calculation. Do not include the cost of buying gas when requesting reimbursement for mileage. Tolls and reasonable parking charges may be reimbursed in addition to the mileage allowance.
    • Hotel Costs:  Hotel receipts must be in the name of the faculty mentor or student researcher(s).  If sharing a hotel room with others who were not awarded the grant, ask the hotel to divide the receipt and provide individual copies for each person in the room.
  • Explore Undergraduate Research at YCP

    Undergraduate Research at York College of Pennsylvania

    At York College of Pennsylvania, we understand the value of hands-on research and project-based learning. Students are encouraged to pursue their research interests from day one of their college experience, often working side-by-side with faculty mentors. 

    YCP undergraduates have access to a number of research opportunities, resources, and faculty experts. The Office of the Provost also hosts an Undergraduate Research Showcase each spring, offering student researchers the ability to present their results in a professional setting. 

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