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Undergraduate Research

Engaging in research and project-based learning are high-impact educational practices that increase student learning and success both during and after college. These experiences give students opportunities to gain a deeper knowledge of research techniques and processes, apply classroom learning in real-world contexts, explore academic literature, form meaningful relationships with faculty members, engage with community partners, and prepare for graduate school and successful careers. 

York College of Pennsylvania is a proud member of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR).

Professor AnaLu McVean holds up a plant in the greenhouse as a student examines it.
Professor Eleanor Leung works on a circuit sample with a student in an engineering classroom.

Types of Undergraduate Research

At York College of Pennsylvania, engaging in research and project-based learning takes many forms.
  • Basic Research: a systematic investigation designed to advance fundamental knowledge about the world
  • Applied Research: a systematic investigation designed to solve a specific and practical problem of the modern world
  • Action Research: a disciplined process of inquiry conducted by and for those taking the action
  • Process Research: identifies and explores opportunities for optimization of procedures, protocols, and design strategies
  • Community-Based Research: a collaboration between community groups and researchers to create new knowledge about practical community issues in order to bring about change


  • Which majors are eligible for undergraduate research?

    Research opportunities are available in all disciplines and provide an opportunity for students to develop valuable professional skills in every field.

  • What support is available for student researchers?

    Faculty Mentorship

    Undergraduate researchers often have a broader perspective, enthusiasm, and interest in delving deeper into their field of study. One of the most rewarding processes for faculty mentors is witnessing the evolution of student learning when involved in research or the creative experience. For our faculty, mentoring students is an investment in tomorrow's scholars and professionals.

    Resources and Funding

    York College of Pennsylvania provides support and resources to both our students and faculty who engage in research. Look for workshops, grants, and support for faculty mentors offered throughout the year.

  • What is the Undergraduate Research Showcase?

    Each spring, we showcase our best undergraduate research projects at our annual Undergraduate Research Showcase.

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