Spring on the York College campus

Kappa Delta Phi

All For One, One For All

The purposes of Kappa Delta Phi fraternity shall be to bring together males of good character who are studying in institutions of higher education and who manifest a keen interest in higher education; to promote the highest ideals and educational practices; to promote a spirit of good citizenship and to seek change in our institution only through duly constituted authority; to actively support the fight against discrimination on the basis of race, color, or creed; and to strengthen and preserve the bonds of brotherhood which link men together working toward a common cause.

Founded: April 14, 1900 at Bridgewater Normal School

YCP Chapter: Alpha Theta Chapter founded in 2009

Greek Letters: KΔΦ

Colors: Black and Gold

Symbol: Crow

Motto:  "All For One, One For All"

Philanthropies: Kappa Delta Phi Foundation, Homes For Our Troops


Kappa Delta Phi