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New Spartan Days

Academic and Student Life Orientation

New Spartan Days for 2024 are June 18, 21, 24, 25, 27, 28. 

New Spartan Days - Summer Orientation marks a major step where you are officially moving past high school and taking action as a York College of Pennsylvania student. From Day One, you will experience all that York has to offer and what better time to start than the summer before you begin your college career!

During summer orientation you will: learn about the course curriculum, work with a professional advisor in a small group to build your fall class schedule, and have the opportunity to learn about all of the support resources and opportunities that will be waiting for you in the fall!

Families will also have the opportunity to attend sessions presented by campus experts, ask questions, and meet the staff and administrators that make up our spartan community!

All deposited students will receive an email from the Admissions Office with additional details and information about registration. Please take time to review the additional information below to learn more about the required placement exams you'll need to take before attending your New Spartan Day.



Fall Orientation Coordinators

Math and Language Placement Tests

  • Math Placement Assessment

    York College offers several math courses tailored to prepare you for the quantitative activities you will pursue in your major. The mathematics placement assessments are designed to help determine which math course is right for you.  Students must complete the placement assessments before they can schedule classes, so please take the assessments before you arrive for your New Spartan Day.

    Which assessment do I take?

    All majors (including Undeclared) will take the Algebra Assessment. However, you only need to take the Calculus Assessment if you are currently declared or interested in declaring one of the following majors:

    Cannabinoid Chemistry
    Forensic Chemistry
    Civil Engineering
    Computer Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Computer Science
    Cybersecurity Management
    Engineering Management
    Medical Humanities
    Health Sciences
    Premedical Sciences
    Technical Communication & Writing
    Mid-Level Education - Mathematics
    Secondary Education Biology
    Secondary Education General Science
    Secondary Education Mathematics

    What to expect with the assessment

    Each assessment has 33 questions and you will have 180 minutes to complete each test. If you need, you may take an assessment a total of two (2) times. A calculator may be used during the assessment.

    If you are interrupted or lose internet service, you'll be able to resume where you left off as long as you log back into the assessment within the same day.

    How can I take the assessment? 

    • Go to the Stemify website to take the exam. Click on YCP.
    • Enter your MyYCP username and password.
    • The menu located in the upper left corner of your screen will provide you access to the Learning Library (available for you to review many relevant math concepts that will help you to be successful) and the Placement tests.

    I don't have a math-related major/I took AP-level math in high school. Should I still take the assessment?

    Yes, all new YCP students need to have a math assessment score on their student record.

    What if I need help?

    For technical support (trouble accessing the test, problems during the test), please reach out to support@stemify.ai

    For advising-related questions, please contact the Academic Advising Center at 717.815.1531 or academicadvising@ycp.edu.

    Take the Math Placement Exam

  • World Language Placement Assessment

    Students taking any beginning world language course at York College should have no background in that language, or — in the case of French, German, and Spanish — should take the placement test: 1) if you have studied ANY French, German, or Spanish; OR 2) speak any of those languages at home; OR 3) learned one of those languages during a stay abroad. It is crucial, regardless of your major, that you take a world language placement test to ensure you are placed at the course level giving you the greatest chance of success. Please take the exam before you arrive for your New Spartan Day even if you do not have immediate plans to enroll in a French, German, or Spanish course. We require students to take the placement test now because many students end up changing their major or minor throughout their college career.

    How can I take the exam? 

    • Access the placement exam site.
    • As prompted, create an account for this site by providing your name, YCP email address (not your personal email address), YCP ID number, and a new password for this website.
    • Complete a short survey.
    • Try the practice question. Once you submit your response, the real exam begins.

    What to expect with the exam:

    The testing process takes 20 minutes on average but can run shorter or longer. The exam should be taken in one sitting, so please set aside a block of 30 minutes for its completion. For your own benefit, you should not consult materials or other people to help with the exam. You want a true measure of your skills and needs!

    Please take the exam only once. If you are interrupted, you may continue where you left off by accessing the login page the same way you did when you started the test session. Be sure to enter your name and ID Number exactly the same way as you did when you started the exam. Click on "resume" and you will be able to continue the exam.

    What should I expect when taking the exam?

    Once you finish, you will receive the corresponding world language course level. Your score will also be sent to the Registrar, your academic advisor, and the faculty teaching the language in which you took the exam. This will be your world language level regardless of when you take the world language at York College. Therefore, it is to your advantage to enroll in world language courses before too much time has gone by to keep your knowledge fresh!

    I didn't take a foreign language in high school/I took an AP Language course. Should I still take the exam?

    Yes, we would still expect you to take the exam.

    How can I get credit for taking a language course at York College?

    If you take a world language course at York that is below a course level you have previously taken, or below the level of your placement score, you will not receive credit for the course. (Exceptions with regard to placement based on test score can be made on an individual basis prior to taking a language course at the College.) In short, to get course credit you need to take a more rigorous course at York College than you have already achieved or than your skills indicate.

    What majors require foreign language study?

    Foreign language study is required of all students majoring in Literary and Textual Studies (English)Intelligence AnalysisInternational RelationsPhilosophyProfessional Writing, and Secondary Education - English.

    Does York College offer study abroad opportunities?

    Regardless of whether you take a foreign language course, you can improve your foreign language skills with study abroad! We offer mini-mester and full semester opportunities in dozens of countries for truly life-changing experiences.

    What if I have questions about the exam?

    Kia Kuresman, M.Ed.
    Director of Academic Advising

Everything you need to know about New Spartan Days!

  • What is the schedule for New Spartan Day?

    New Spartan Days Schedule

    The full schedule of the New Spartan Day agenda will be available in the YCP App. Information on how to download the app will be sent via email in the coming days.

    An abbreviated schedule can be found below:

    • 9-9:45 AM | Check in anytime during this window | Waldner Performing Arts Center Lobby
    • 9:45-11:30 AM | Student and Family Presentation | Waldner Performing Arts Center Theatre
    • 11:30-12:30 PM | Lunch Provided for all Guests | Johnson Dining Hall
    • 12:30-2:15 PM | Family Presentations | Various Locations
    • 12:30- Approx 3:30 PM | Student Presentation | Various Locations
    • 2:30-4:30 PM | Closing Activities | Various  Locations
  • FAQ


    Q: Do I have to register to attend New Spartan Days?
    A: Yes, registration for New Spartan Days opens on May 1 and all incoming first-year students must register for one New Spartan Day. You do not, however, need to register for Fall Orientation. Just show up in August, and we will be ready for you!

    Transfer students should not attend New Spartan Days orientation.

    Q: Is a family member required to attend New Spartan Days? 

    A: No. Only students are required to attend your course registration/advising session. Students will also complete additional sessions during the New Spartan Day experience. 

    However, we will host sessions for family members as a part of New Spartan Days to assist in their transition to our community.  You may bring up to two guests.

    Q: Does it cost anything to attend New Spartan Days?
    A: No, we have you covered! 

    Q: Is there anything I need to bring to New Spartan Days?
    A: You may want to bring your own notebook and pen.

    Q: Will I choose my own classes?
    A: Yes, with the assistance of our professional and student peer advisors, you will get to choose your own path! Every major, as well as undeclared students, have a suggested course sequence to follow and our trained advisors will guide you to make the appropriate class choices for your first semester.  

    Q: If I come on the last date of New Spartan Days, will I still get all of my classes?
    A: Yes, you will get a full course schedule! It is possible that some courses, such as those in First Year Seminar, may be full, so you may not always get your first choice. There is a course sequence recommended to follow for all majors, but you will have great choices regardless of which orientation date you choose!

  • What's next?

    I've registered. What's next after New Spartan Days?

    Fall Orientation is the next step of your orientation program.

    All first-year students will arrive the week (Thursday) prior to the start of classes in August. Residential students get to move into their rooms (with loads of help from our orientation move-in team!), and residential and commuter students get an action-packed weekend to kick off their collegiate careers. You will get to experience an uplifting welcoming ceremony – the sea of orientation T-shirts is a sight to behold as you realize these are all of your new classmates! Meet with faculty and advisors in your intended major.

    You will also get to meet with your First-Year Seminar professors and peer mentor. To cut to the chase, we make every effort to make sure you feel at home. It will be a weekend you won't forget! Please check back in the coming weeks for additional details on dates/schedules for this action-packed weekend.

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