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Graham Go Contemporary Business Series

Graham Go contemporary business series webinar at York College

The Graham School of Business is opening its doors — virtually — with an exclusive seminar series tackling tomorrow's business issues.

Join expert faculty from the Graham School of Business for this online event on Dec. 5, Feb. 13 & March 13. All high school students are welcome. If you are not a high school student, but would like to register for this event, please contact the Graham School of Business.

  • December 5: "How Do the Russians Know Your Mother's Bra Size?", Dr. James Norrie, presenter/Graham School dean. How data are used to complete profiles of Americans, whether they know it or not, in a data-rich world filled with social user profiles, online shopping carts, and web browsing histories. Check out the video!
  • February 13:How We Create Student Millionaires” Dr. James Norrie and Dr. Jay Azriel. How do you go from being a college student to a successful entrepreneur?
  • March 13:How the Internet Killed Consumer Loyalty” Dr. James Norrie & Dr. Jefrey Woodall. What do businesses need to do to adapt to the new wave of marketing?

Interested? You can register by clicking on the event link above. You'll be sent a link prior to the event that will provide you with access.