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College Supervisors

The primary role of the college supervisor is to serve as the liaison between the Education Department at York College and the public schools where students are assigned to their Student Teaching experience. The supervisor’s responsibilities include working closely with the cooperating teacher and student teacher to develop a positive teaching and professional experience.

This will require orienting, clarifying, and interpreting both parties' current departmental requirements and being available to assist in case of questions, concerns or problems at all times during the program. The supervisor will ensure that the quality and integrity of the Education department's Student Teaching program are maintained.


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Field Services
Amy Glusco, Director of Field Services
Appell Life Science, Room 104
Phone: 717.815.1454
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Leah V. Kocoronis, M.Ed.
Supervisor of Field Services
Appell Life Science, Room 105


Davonna Rickard, M.Ed.
Coordinator of Field Services 
Appell Life Science, Room 103