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York College EMS

York College EMS (Emergency Medical Services) responds to medical emergencies across campus and in the surrounding communities. Calls for service are dispatched through York County 911 and the Department of Campus Safety. 

York College EMS is licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a Quick Response Service (QRS). All providers are certified by the PA Bureau of EMS and the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). York College EMS is entirely volunteer, and students are not billed for medical emergencies.

York College EMS is a member of the National Collegiate EMS Foundation.

A white van labeled York College EMS is parked in front of a ceremonial ribbon and a sign reading York College EMS Station 17

Meet Our Members

  • Officers

    Administrative and Operational Officers

    Administrative Officers


    Ryan Wessel

    Vice President

    Taylor Long


    Kevin Krippa, EMT-B

    Operational Officers


    Brody Cain, EMT-B 


    Brandon Cain, EMT-B


    Jack Green, EMT-B

    QA & Logistics

    Angel Butler, EMT-B


  • Members


    Hollianne Sebrosky, EMT-B 

    Michaela Sentz, EMT-B 

    Abby Sims, EMT-B 

    Talon Basiewicz, EMT-B

    Savannah Jordan, EMT-B

    Ben Metzger, EMT-B

    Hailey Yothers, EMT-B

    Aiden Keja, EMT-B

    Ellen Burns, EMT-B

    Reaghan Harvey, EMT-B

    Laiba Khan

    Terrance Drakeford

    Kylie Kestner

    Aliyah Bull

    Allison Atkins

    Kendra Winkleblech

    Rowan McFarling

    Alyssa Algeri

    Emily Reardon

    Erica Rinehart 

    Jules Castaldi

    Mara Smakal 

    Mia Alvarez 

    Sarah Martin 

    Yenifer Castillo 

    Sydney Azar 

    Chance Ritchey 

    Emma Elwell 

    Emma Brown

  • Advisors


    Chief Ed Bruder, Director, Department of Campus Safety Police

    Dr. Jason Lowe, PhD, CRNA, PHRN

    Garrett Hunt, MPPA

More InformationAbout the York College EMS

  • When is York College EMS in service?

    York College EMS is staffed and in service when the college is in academic session. We are out of service during extended breaks and summer break.

  • Do I have to be an EMT?

    No! York College EMS offers the unique opportunity for students who are not certified to ride along on calls and observe EMS operations. While not able to care directly for patients, students who are not certified may be actively engaged in training exercises, administrative/support roles, and many more opportunities. Students can shadow providers on calls, as long as it is safe to do so and does not interfere with patient care. Additionally, students who are certified as EMRs are encouraged to apply.

  • Who oversees daily operations?

    There is an EMS Supervisor on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; including over breaks and holidays when York College EMS is not in service. The EMS Supervisor oversees daily operations when they are on call. The EMS Supervisor rotates weekly between the EMS Captain and two EMS Lieutenants. They can be reached by dialing 2234 from any campus phone or by calling 717.815.2234.

  • How is York College EMS supervised?

    Unlike other collegiate EMS agencies, York College EMS is run by students, who make all decisions for the agency. We have advisors who are staff at YCP, however, they fulfill an advisory role, with administrative and operational officers being students.

  • How do I Join York College EMS?

    You can submit your application, here. Once you have finished filling out your application, submit it to emsinfo@ycp.edu, or drop it off to the Department of Campus Safety located in Manor NE lobby, or submit it via mail to York College EMS, 441 Country Club Rd. York, PA 17403.

  • Who will Respond to my call?

    Most times, QRS 17 is the sole unit responding to medical emergencies on campus if requested through the Department of Campus Safety. If it is determined that the patient would benefit from definitive care, a transporting ALS or BLS unit is requested through York County 911.

  • Does York College EMS provide EMT training?

    York College EMS does not provide training directly. However, the York College EMS has partnered with HACC to offer EMT classes to YCP students on campus. Please reach out to receive up-to-date information.

Contact Us

911 or 717.815.1314

EMS Office