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Bring Your A Game: How to Be a Successful Student-Athlete at York College

September 11, 2023
Men's Lacrosse during a game

Being a student-athlete in college is no easy feat. When you’re going from early morning practices to a day full of classes, it’s no surprise that balancing school and athletics takes discipline, organization, and stamina. At York College of Pennsylvania, our student-athletes strive to dominate on the field or court, while also excelling in the classroom. Here are some tips from our Spartans, helping you to keep your head in the game and succeed in the classroom.

Don’t be afraid to ask people for help. You can ask your teammates how they manage their time, your coach, or your professors. Everyone wants you to succeed!” - Talon Basiewicz ‘24, Cross Country 

Say it louder for the people in the back, Talon! Everyone at YCP wants to see you succeed in every single thing you do! Whether it’s in your sport or in classes, you’ll always have an entire team behind you, cheering you on. Never be afraid to reach out to that team when you need a hand. They’ll be happy you asked and even happier when they see you continue to thrive in your college career. 

“Get into a routine that works best for you and stick to it.”- Riley Buschert ‘25, Field Hockey 

Sitting down and taking a look at your classes, practices, games, and other commitments can help you determine what available time you have left in the day to study and relax. Finding that perfect balance is going to take some trial and error, but once you get there, keep with it! Getting into a groove will help you avoid stress and keep you on top of your game.

“School is always first. The better off you are with your schoolwork, the easier it is to get what you need to compete so you can be the best in your sport.” - Andrew Mott ‘24, Track and Field 

At YCP, you are a student first and an athlete second. Our entire athletics staff is dedicated to supporting your success in the classroom so you can be equally as successful in your sport. Like Andrew says, always work to make your classes your priority so when game time comes around, you’re focused on helping your team win rather than stressing over homework during the competition. 

“Stay organized. Use a planner or app to help you with time management.” - Isabella Ewing ‘25, Track and Field

Student-athlete or not, organization is key to being successful in your college career. As an athlete, your schedule will be a bit more rigid than other students. It can be easier to let things fall through the cracks when you’re balancing school, athletics, and other commitments like a part-time job or an internship. Definitely take Isabella’s advice and utilize a physical planner or app on your phone to stay organized! This is something you can keep handy and reference often. 

“Get out of your comfort zone and gain as much experience as you can before you graduate.” - Jared Bair ‘24, Men’s Wrestling 

College is the perfect place to step out of the box and dive head-first into new experiences. Complete an internship in a field you never considered before, audition for one of the Theatre program’s plays or musicals, or just try your hand at a new sport through one of our many campus recreation programs. Any new experience, big or small, will help you grow into a well-rounded person. After all, we don’t want you to leave YCP regretting that you never competed in the annual Cardboard Boat Regatta or joined the intramural knockerball league! 

“Have fun and don’t take your college career for granted. Your time here will fly by, so make the most of it!” - Cole Kendra ‘25, Men’s Soccer

With all these tips in mind, don’t forget to allow yourself the time to take it all in. Cole’s right when he says your time at YCP will fly by. Go to CAB Bingo Nights, jam out at the Spring Concert with your friends, and leave it all out there on the field or court. You came here to put in the effort, and we want to see you go beyond the ordinary and expected by the time you walk across the stage at graduation. Just make sure you stop to enjoy the ride along the way. 

Apply to YCP today to take the next step in joining our current student-athletes as a Spartan! Additionally, be sure to complete a questionnaire for your sport to get in contact with the coach for more information on athletics and recruitment.