Spring on the York College campus

College Policies

  • Campus Accessibility

    York College recognizes the importance of making the College as accessible as possible for all students, employees and visitors. Modifications to our facilities are summarized below.

    Detailed Campus Accessibility Brochures are available in the Miller Administration Building, Room 119. Questions or concerns regarding accessibility should be addressed to Kenneth M. Martin, Ph.D., Dean of Campus Operations.

    Campus/Academic Buildings/Residences

    • Designated parking spaces
    • Ramps where needed
    • Bridge across stream to accommodate wheelchairs
    • Automatic doors where needed
    • Elevator access where needed
    • Modified computer work stations and desks
    • Modified accessible apartments
    • Accessible restrooms, water fountains, laundry and mailroom offices
  • Campus Smoking

    The 2018-19 academic year will serve as a transition period with three designated areas on campus: on Main Campus, east side of the tennis courts and the area between Penn/Beard Halls; on West Campus, the area on the east side of the visitor lot by Spring Garden Apartments. YCP will continue to provide cessation programs and policy education. For additional information, students may contact the Health Services Office at 717.815.1615 and employees may contact the Human Resources Office at 717.815.6871. The complete "smoke-free, tobacco-free" policy will go into effect June 1, 2019, and will include the elimination of the designated tobacco areas.

  • Equal Opportunity Statement

    York College of Pennsylvania hereby restates the established policy of nondiscrimination and equality of opportunity in all personnel matters. The College will recruit, hire, compensate, and promote staff and faculty without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, ancestry, veteran status, age (over 40),  disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

    A. The College will act positively and with good faith to implement the following procedures to provide equal employment opportunity.

    1. Full-time staff vacancies will be announced by memorandum and posting in order that employees may be aware of opportunities for advancement. However, for all administrative vacancies as well as staff positions for which the College identifies a particular skill or need not available among the College’s current personnel, the College will also seek applicants from external sources as identified below.

    2. The Director of Human Resources will continue to make known through appropriate sources the availability of positions for which the College is seeking external applicants in order that none shall be denied equal access to opportunities. Appropriate sources may include some or all of the following:

    a. Employment agencies - private and state

    b. Classified advertising in local papers, professional magazines, and journals

    c. Professional agencies

    d. York College of Pennsylvania Web Page

    3. The selection process for employment of qualified applicants shall be nondiscriminatory through the use of the following:

    a. Job descriptions and/or position entry classifications which are written (and revised as necessary) for all positions to relate only to the job requirements

    b. Application forms that are non-biased and limited to essential information necessary to determine basic qualifications for the job or entry classification

    c. Interview procedures which shall strive to be objective in collecting, combining, and classifying pertinent information to help predict the applicant’s likelihood for success

    d. Reference sources

    e. Experience records

    f. Tests, if deemed necessary, which are validated to measure the person for the job (The College will use only the testing services offered and validated by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Employment Service; or other valid sources.)

    B. Dissemination of Policy. This statement of policy (or part thereof) of nondiscrimination in employment is disseminated through the following College media: The Faculty Manual, Staff Handbook, Administrators’ Handbook, and by memoranda to Department Chairpersons, Deans, Directors, and Staff Supervisors. In addition, the College has advised all recruiting sources and local minority organizations in writing that York College is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

    C. Implementation of the Policy. The Dean of Campus Operations coordinates all aspects of the Equal Opportunity in Employment for staff while the President is responsible for the implementation of this policy for administrative personnel. The Director of Human Resources and Dean of Campus Operations will advise the President as to recommendations of policy, will disseminate policy in accordance with provisions of Part B, will identify problem areas and recommend a course of action for such problems.

    All administrators and staff supervisors are directly responsible for the implementation of this policy with their respective departments.

    D. Compensation. York College compensates its employees without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, ancestry, veteran status, age (over 40), political affiliation or belief, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

    E. Promotion. When staff vacancies occur, it is College policy to generally promote those employees from within who have demonstrated by their ability and performance that they merit it. When administrative vacancies occur, it is College policy to consider current employees as well as qualified external candidates. The College recognizes that opportunities for employee career advancement must be balanced with opportunities to diversify. The College will make every effort to ensure that equal consideration is given to all candidates.

    Promotion and tenure of faculty will be administered in accordance with the policy set forth in the Faculty Manual without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, ancestry, veteran status, age (over 40), political affiliation or belief,  disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

    F. Reduction in Staff. When reduction of staff and/or administration is necessitated by existing circumstances, the following factors in descending order of priority shall be the basis for determining reductions:

    1. The long-range priorities and needs of the College.

    2. The length of service - individuals with the least seniority.

    G. Facilities. York College maintains working areas, a dining room, vending areas, lounges, restrooms, a first aid room, parking lots, and recreational programs for use by its employees on a nondiscriminatory basis.

    H. Employee Participation in College Functions. The College reaffirms its policy to encourage its employees to participate in and enjoy the many College activities including concerts and lectures, art exhibits, musical and drama productions, athletic contests, and recreational activities.

    I. Conditions of Employment. York College of Pennsylvania recognizes its obligation to provide a safe, professional environment to all employees and students. Therefore, employment and continued employment is conditional upon the confirmation of background information and academic qualifications, including verification of work eligibility, professional credentials, and criminal history review.

  • Drug and Alcohol

    It is the interest of the entire College to maintain a workplace which is free from the presence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances and free from the impairments associated with alcohol or drug usage.

    Concerns with respect to employee and student safety, employee health and corporate competitiveness require that York College take an active approach to the resolution of suspected or identified substance abuse situations. In order to protect the safety of its employees, customers and visitors, York College must maintain and enforce rules and regulations. York College will discipline employees for violation of its policy on drugs and alcohol or for other appropriate work-related reasons.

    Employees may be tested for the following controlled substances: Marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines and phencyclidine. Employees will also be tested for alcohol.

    An employee may use a substance administered by or under the instructions of a physician who has advised the employee that the substance will not affect the employee’s ability to perform his or her position or affect the safety of the employee or others in the workplace.

    Prohibited Conduct

    The following shall be considered prohibited conduct:

    1. The use or possession of alcohol or a controlled substance by an employee on York College’s premises or during College-sponsored events or activities.  Possession includes any situation where the employee exercises control over the controlled substance or alcohol, including carrying the item on his or her person, in a College office, in a College owned vehicle, or consumption on College property or during College events or activities.
    2. The distribution of or receipt from others of any item listed within the scope of this policy while on York College’s business or premises.
    3. The use of a controlled substance or alcohol while not on College time, if an employee reports to work with the presence of the item in his/her bodily systems or if an employee’s work performance is affected by use of the item.

    If an employee engages in any of the prohibited conduct, the consequences of that action will be appropriate disciplinary action up to and including termination subject to state law requirements.  Although York College may offer help to employees with their substance abuse problems, nothing in this policy will insulate an employee from discipline for poor work performance or attendance problems which may have been induced by drugs or alcohol.

    Testing Conducted

    1. Reasonable Suspicion (Probable Cause):  Situations will present themselves when Supervisors/Senior Administrators will have a reasonable suspicion that an employee’s performance is being impaired as a result of substance abuse, which may occur either on or off the job.  Reasonable suspicion may exist by virtue of:  (a) an employee’s visible impairment on the job; (b) an objective evaluation of an employee’s declining productivity, quality of performance or attendance; (c) a work-related accident or injury, or following an unsafe act; (d) otherwise unexplainable behavior by an employee; or (e) other objective signals.

    In these situations York College may require employees to undergo testing for alcohol and controlled substances.  Where employees refuse such testing they will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

    Return-to-Duty Testing and Follow-up Testing:

    Any employee who returns to work after a positive alcohol test or who tests positive for a controlled substance and/or who undergoes a rehabilitation or treatment program must undergo follow-up testing at periodic intervals as determined by York College in accordance with applicable state laws.

    York College will employ a breath alcohol or blood test for purposes of alcohol testing and a urine screen for purposes of controlled substance testing.  In all cases, York College and its designated collection sites shall utilize procedures for collecting urine specimens which allow individual privacy; unless there is a reason to believe that a particular individual may alter or substitute the specimen to be provided.  No test will be performed on any blood or urine sample other than a test to determine the presence of controlled substances or alcohol.  York College will not use any such tests to gather medical information about an employee or applicant other than use of alcohol or controlled substances as defined in this policy.

    The results of the testing will become part of the employee’s medical file, but not the employee’s personnel file.  The employee will be provided with the written results of the test upon request.

    York College respects the confidentiality of test results.  Only those management personnel with a need to know will be provided access to test information.

    Failure of any employee to undergo controlled substance and alcohol testing when required under this policy will be considered insubordination and will subject the employee to discipline up to and including immediate discharge.  Efforts by employees to “beat” the test by any method including substitution or altering urine will result in immediate discharge.

    York College reserves the right to alter, abolish or amend this policy and any other term or condition of employment at any time without the consent of its employees.  The adoption of this policy and the provision of any benefit hereunder does not create a contract of employment for a specific term nor does it imply any right to continued employment.

    Nothing in this policy should be construed to prohibit the College from its responsibility to maintain a safe and secure work environment for its employees or from invoking such disciplinary actions as may be deemed appropriate for actions of misconduct by virtue of their having arisen out of the use or abuse of alcohol or drugs, or both.

  • Inclement Weather

    Our Inclement Weather page includes information for staff and faculty about delay schedule, emergency personnel, early dismissal, and more.

  • Notice of Filing of Application - U.S. Department of Labor


    This link/application is being posted due to an Electronic Filing of a Labor Condition Application.

    Notice must be given to U.S. workers on or within 30 days before the date the employer files the Labor Condition Application (LCA) (Form ETA 9035 and/or ETA 9035E) with the Department of Labor. This notice must include:

    • The number of H-1B nonimmigrants the employer is seeking to employ;

    • The occupational classifications in which the H-1B nonimmigrants will be employed;

    • The wages offered;

    • The period of employment;

    • The locations at which the H-1B nonimmigrants will be employed; and

    • The following statement: “Complaints alleging misrepresentation of material facts in the labor condition application and/or failure to comply with the terms of the labor condition application may be filed with any office of the Wage and Hour Division of the United States Department of Labor.”


  • In Conjunction with Notice of Filing - Search for a Senior Academic Officer

    Currently None Are Pending

  • Policy Regarding the Possession & Use of Firearms and Other Weapons

    York College is a private institution and prohibits all students, faculty, staff, administrators and guests to possess or use firearms on its property, even by those who possess a valid concealed carry or other permit. An exception to this policy may be made with prior approval by the Director of Campus Safety, for faculty and students taking part in authorized college classes where the presence of a firearm serves a legitimate academic purpose, such as a criminal investigation class or a living history demonstration. Sworn law enforcement officers, including the College’s Campus Police Officers, may carry their approved service weapons on campus. Officers should be in uniform or carry their law enforcement identification. Retired law enforcement officers certified under LEOSA and carrying their credentials may also carry their firearm on campus.

    Other prohibited weapons include, but are not limited to: Firearm ammunition, bombs, grenades, explosive devices, fireworks, blackjacks, metal knuckles, large or illegal knives, daggers, swords, stun guns, Tasers, batons or clubs, paintball or pellet guns and other harmful instruments and devices. Pepper spray canisters are not prohibited on campus. Campus Patrol Officers are authorized to carry firearms, Tasers, pepper spray and MEB batons as defensive equipment once they have completed the proper training and State certification. York College student security officers are not permitted to possess any prohibited weapon. Any questions regarding whether or not an item is prohibited or any other questions about the campus weapons policy should be directed to the Department of Campus Safety at Ext. 1403.

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