Inclement Weather Schedules And FAQ

In some circumstances, there is a need for the College to alter class schedules or campus activities. Below are details of possible schedule variations for staff.

The official announcement via the YCP Weather Hotline (717.815.6789);; MyYCP portal; Emergency Alert System; YCP Facebook page; and Twitter will specify either a one-hour-delay schedule or a two-hour-delay schedule for the opening of campus.

All senior administrators should aim, personally or with the assistance of administrative colleagues, to bring their offices or functional areas to operational status by normal opening or 8:30 a.m. or as soon thereafter as possible and maintain operational status.

Weather emergency staff* must report at their assigned times for weather emergency operations. Other staff members report at the hour corresponding to the designated one-or two-hour delay from their scheduled starting time. They will not be required to make up the missed time. Part-time employees, however, are paid only for actual hours worked.

  • 10 a.m. Offices open for two-hour delay.
  • 9 a.m. Offices open for one-hour delay.


The official announcement will be made via YCP Weather Hotline (717.815.6789);; Emergency Alert System; YCP Facebook Page; Twitter; and posted on the MyYCP portal.

All nonweather-emergency personnel are excused and will be paid for the closure period, full or partial day.

Each senior administrator will inform each administrator or staff member in his/her unit whether or not the job they hold is defined as a weather-emergency position. Persons who take or retain such positions need to make advance arrangements for reliable and safe means of travel between their homes (or temporary quarters) and campus, even in inclement weather.

Weather emergency personnel will be compensated by earning compensatory time for the hours they are working on campus when the campus is closed.  For example, if an employee who normally works an 8-hour shift, would receive 8 hours in compensatory time when working in the event the College is closed.

All non-weather-emergency personnel may depart at the designated time without need of compensating for the time missed. Weather emergency personnel must check with their supervisors to ascertain their schedules.

*Weather Emergency Staff

a. Grounds Maintenance Supervisor

b. Grounds Maintenance personnel

c. Building Maintenance and Controls Supervisor

d. Building Maintenance and Controls personnel

e. Energy Maintenance and Controls personnel

f. Custodial personnel

g. Campus Safety personnel (On Duty)

h. Campus Information Center Operator

i. Facility Services Coordinator

*Weather Emergency Staff (As Requested)

a. Facility Services Administrative Assistant

b. Bookstore personnel

c. Athletics & Recreation personnel

d. Library personnel

e. Information Technology personnel

f. Campus Safety personnel

g. Payroll Specialist

h. Health Services - Staff Nurse

i. Grumbacher Fitness Center - Building Managers

**Weather Emergency Administrators

a. President

b. Provost

c. Associate Provost

d. Vice President of Student Affairs

e. Vice President of Campus Operations

g. Vice President of Enrollment Management

h. Vice President of Business Affairs

i. Vice President of College Advancement

j. Chief Communications and Marketing Officer

k. Director of Student Activities

l. Director of Residence Life

m. Food Services Manager

n. Director of Health Services

o. Library Director

p. Director of Campus Safety

q. Director of Building Maintenance and Controls

r. Energy and Controls Management Supervisor

s. Director of Custodial Services

t. Director of Bookstore; Alternate - Textbook Manager

u. Convenience Store Manager; Alternate - Bookstore Customer Service Manager

v. Assistant Dean for Athletics and Recreation

w. Information Technology Help Desk Manager

**Weather Emergency Administrators (As Requested)

a. Director of Campus and Special Events

b. Director of Human Resources

c. Assistant Directors of Residence Life

d. Area Coordinators

e. Director of Business Office

f. Director of Facilities Operations - Grumbacher Center

g. Assistant Director of Facilities Operations - Grumbacher Center

h. Assistant Director of Athletics and Recreation

i. Director of Academic Computer Center

j. Director of Information Technology

k. Director of Admissions