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Institutional and Enrollment Marketing

A Connected Community Isn't Found — It's Built.

The Department of Institutional and Enrollment Marketing is responsible for leading college-wide strategic marketing efforts, with primary goals of increasing visibility and awareness, strengthening the York College brand, and recruiting students. 

We oversee all aspects of the College's brand identity and marketing efforts, including:

  • Branding and Visual Identity
  • Creative Services
  • Enrollment Marketing
  • Admissions Events
  • Social Media
  • Website Management

We believe in the power of storytelling, and using real-life examples from our campus community to show our audiences what makes York College such a special place.

Our team of marketing and creative professionals offers a full range of services to faculty and staff: institutional website management, graphic design projects, social media channels, videography, photography, enrollment marketing materials and direct communications, admissions event coordination, and more.

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Brand Resources

Our brand is who we are.
  • The York College Brand

    The York College Brand

    Welcome to the York College of Pennsylvania Brand Resource Center.

    Our brand is stronger when our messages are focused — and more compelling when our audiences know how they benefit from everything we offer. In this Brand Resource Center, you will find helpful guides and assets to help you accurately represent the York College brand.

  • Logos


    Before using an official York College of Pennsylvania logo, we ask that you first review the College's Visual Identity Guidelines.

    This document provides information about proper use of official College logos. Following these guidelines ensures that we are all working together to present a consistent image that promotes York College's identity and increases our visibility in the community. 

    In addition to the primary College logos, additional logos for each academic school, department, and administrative area are available for download.

  • Templates


    To assist faculty and staff in creating on-brand presentations and digital communications, templates have been designed for PowerPoint/Google Slides and digital letterhead. 

    Please note that employees will need to be logged into their York College account to access these files. If you need access to template fonts, please contact the LTS Helpdesk at ltshelp@ycp.edu for assistance with font installation. 

  • College Colors

    College Colors

    The official colors of the York College logo are Pantone 7740 or black. When using Pantone 7740 is not possible, the following color builds should be used to obtain the best match for “York College green.”

    In Print

    • CMYK:

    On Screen

    • RGB: 58.145.63
    • HEX: 3A913F
  • Social Media Guidelines

    Social Media Guidelines

    YCP Social Media Guidelines and Best Practices

    This document is a go-to resource for anyone who manages or contributes to a social media account on behalf of a York College school, department, program, or organization. Topics covered include:

    • Starting a New Social Media Account
    • Choosing the Right Social Media Platform
    • Tips and Best Practices for Social Media Management
    • How to Handle Crisis Situations on Social Media
    • Accessibility and ADA Compliance
    • Copyright Requirements
    • Campus Photography Galleries
    • Logos and Brand Resources
    • Professional Development Opportunities

    Social Media Graphics

    Our brand guidelines should always be followed, regardless of the medium. However, we recognize that social media provides several unique challenges. 

    The York College logo has been adapted to meet specifications for all major social media channels and to ensure brand consistency across College accounts.

    Templates for special use cases of the College's Y shield have been designed to be cohesive while still providing flexibility and visual variety. Customized profile images and cover photos are created to spec, and are available by request.

    To request a customized profile photo or cover image, please submit a project request through Workzone or contact Danielle Sewell, Director of Digital Marketing, at dsewell2@ycp.edu.

  • Photography


    The Department of Institutional and Enrollment Marketing uses PhotoShelter to maintain an archive of campus photography. Members of the York College community are encouraged to browse these galleries to locate and download images that support their needs.

    Our campus photographer is also available to assist with select projects, including headshots, special events, promotional shoots, etc. To request photography services, please email photo@ycp.edu.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I need help with a design project. Whom should I contact?

    All design requests should be made through our project management system, Workzone.

    To access Workzone for the first time, please follow these steps: 

    1. Contact Sharon Brtalik at sbrtalik@ycp.edu to set up your Workzone user account.
    2. Create your Workzone password.
    3. Review the brief training video (16 minutes).
    4. Visit ycp.sharedwork.com to log in with your email address and password.
  • How can I request an edit to the website?

    To request webpage edits, please contact Danielle Sewell, Director of Digital Marketing, at dsewell2@ycp.edu.

    Please ensure that any requested changes to departmental or program pages have been approved by the senior administrator/dean in that area. 

  • How can I use the York College Athletics / Spartans logo?

    The York College Athletics logos are reserved exclusively for the promotion of York College Athletics. Please email marketing@ycp.edu if you have any questions.

  • How can I help with student recruitment?

    Collaboration with YCP faculty and staff is always helpful as we work to recruit our next class of Spartans. If you would like to discuss opportunities for supporting enrollment efforts, please contact Kaleigh Seiter, Senior Director of Enrollment Marketing, at kseiter@ycp.edu

  • I have a question about PR, media relations, editorial services, parent communications, or a portal announcement.

    York College's Office of Communications manages the following areas: 

    • Athletic Communications
    • Reputation-Building Efforts
    • Editorial Services
    • Internal Communications
    • Parent Communications
    • Media Relations / Crisis Communications
    • Print and Mail Services

    Please visit the Office of Communications webpage or contact communications@ycp.edu for more information.

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