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President’s Task Force for Campus Sustainability

The President’s Task Force for Campus Sustainability (PTFCS) was established in December 2019 by the College President, Dr. Pamela Gunter-Smith. She charges the PTFCS with:

  1. “coordinat[ing] activities and mak[ing] recommendations from the various groups” and
  2. to “not only position the College to join other institutions in signing the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments, but also to take action and monitor progress."

The COVID-19 pandemic interrupted the activities PTFCS planned for spring 2020, but the task force reconvened in the fall of 2020.


Statewide Achievements

Nationwide Achievements

SIMAP (Sustainability Indicator Management & Analysis Platform) is a campus calculator tool to collect carbon footprint and nitrogen emissions. The Task Force is currently working with various offices collecting data to establish the YCP baseline.

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Sustainability Events

  • 2021 Campus Sustainability Awareness Campaign

    Sustainability today has three interconnected pillars: environmental stewardship, economic viability, and social equality and justice. All  sustainability is local. The YCP's first Campus Sustainabilty Awareness Campaign starts on April 18 and ends on April 30 joining global celebrations of the 51st Earth Day (April 22, 2021) and Pennyslvania Arbon Day (April 30).   Sustainability for Every Spartan! YCP.

    Keynote Speaker - Vanessa Farquharson, April 20, at 7:00 PM  in Zoom. Click here to watch the recording of Vanessa's webinar.

    Research Showcase | Sustainability (April 17-23, 2021):  Three top sustability themed student projects are Annika Richards (1st), Sam O'Dea (2nd), and Arianna Evans (3rd).

    Speaking Green Panel Sessions: April 19, 20, 22, and 23 from 6-7 PM in Zoom. Click here to watch the recording of it!

    Spartan Rock Talk - Learn how to truly be Sustainable as an individual, an organization, and a college on April 21, 2021 at 7:30 PM in Zoom.  

    Residence Life - Terracycle

    EcoChallenge (April 1 to April 21): 61 participants this time, including students, faculty, and staff. Michelle Fellner is the top one in Student Group; Paul Ackerman for Faculty Group; and Annie Nguyen for Staff Group. Congratulations!



  • Keynote Speaker: Vanessa Farquharson | 2021 Campus Sustainability Awareness Campaign

    Keynote speaker Vanessa Farquharson looks to the side as she sits beside leafy green plants Vanessa Farquharson is an award-winning author, public speaker and journalist. Vanessa worked as a staff reporter at the (Toronto) National Post for six years, where she covered topics ranging from urban development to rooftop beekeeping and wrote a weekly column called Sense & Sustainability. She has worked as a writer and editor for a range of top-tier Canadian publications and has more than a decade of experience in media relations.

    More recently, Vanessa has focused on leadership roles in communications and PR within the environmental sector, raising the public profile of global recycling organization TerraCycle before steering a major rebranding effort for Earth Day Canada, where she was Director of Communications and Campaigns. She is also a member of the City of Toronto’s Circular Economy Working Group.

    Her 2014 book Sleeping Naked is Green recounted the adventure of attempting to add one more "green habit" a day for a leap year.  By end of it, she had attempted 366 moves to live a more sustainable life, from bringing her own coffee cup with her everywhere to a hilarious attempt to wash her hair with vinegar -- in the dark. 

    Vanessa currently is the Interim – Director of Communications for the International Institute of Sustainable Development, focused on editorial strategy, media relations and public awareness.

    April 20 at 7:00 PM. Registration now closed.

About the Task Force

  • Sustainability Programs

    Sustainability Programs

    The following academic programs are designed to educate York College students in areas directly related to environmental sustainability. Students in these programs often contribute to hands-on sustainabiity projects in our local community, collaborating with small businesses and organizations to create lasting change. 

  • Research and Scholarship

    Research and Scholarship

    There are many research opportunities for YCP students to work with faculty across various disciplines.

    School of Arts, Communications, and Global Studies
    • Vinny Cannizzaro – Center for Community Engagement (CCE)
    • Dominic DelliCarpini – Center for Community Engagement (CCE)
    • Matthew K. Clay-Robison
    • Dave Fyfe
    • Rory Kraft
    • Jennifer Pomeroy (Chair)
    • Peter Levy
    Kinsley School of Engineering, Sciences, and Technology
    • Paul J. Ackerman
    • Greg P. Foy
    • Bridgette E. Hagerty
    • Kathleen M. Halligan
    • Scott R. Hamilton
    • Alison R. Kennicutt
    • Karl Kleiner
    • Kala Meah
    • Jessica Nolan
    • Josh Wyrick
    School of Behavioral Sciences and Education
    • Perri Druen
    • Randi Shedlosky
    Graham School of Business
    • Insoo Cho
    • Lei He
    • Minghui Ma
    • Mohammed Raja
    • Kenneth Slaysman
    School of Nursing and Health Professionals
    • Johanna Geister
    • Klaudia Lewis
    • Brandon Parkyn


  • Recycling


    YCP has an active recycling program, with containers placed in locations around campus and in College buildings. Residence Life has partnered with student groups in the past to support different Campus Sustainability events. Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 limited these events during fall 2020.

  • Student Clubs and Organizations

    Student Clubs and Organizations

    • Chemistry Society
    • Biology Club
    • Spartans for Sustainability
    • Student Senate – Sustainability Ad Hoc Sub-Committee
  • Community


    Local Community
  • Events and News

    Events and News

    • Cindi Reisinger in the President’s Office works with Veterans doing a clothing drive each semester.

    • April 22, 2021 – Earth Day (2021 Theme: “Restore Our Earth”)

    • March 2021 — Climate Change Action Plays
      YCP students spent a weekend working with internationally recognized theatre artist and social activist Joan Lipkin, creating short plays based around the themes of sustainability and the environment. Using performance and civic engagement, Lipkin creates events about the most pressing issues of our time. Students presented their work in the hopes of spurring us all to action.


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    Tyler Run Creek surrounded by trees with colorful autumn leaves

    Ideas and Suggestions

    Do you have an idea about how we can make York College a more sustainable campus? Let us know, and we'll bring it to the attention of the committee.
    Contact Us
    Jennifer Pomeroy, Ph.D.
    Chair, President's Task Force for Campus Sustainability (PTFCS)

    Phone: 717.815.1529