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Student Conduct

Promoting Student Safety and Respect for Others

York College seeks to establish and maintain an educational environment that provides for the development of students as a whole person with an emphasis on mutual respect, personal and professional integrity, and critical thinking. The College expects its students to conduct themselves in all places and at all times in such a manner as to demonstrate respect, strong personal ethics, and consideration for the rights of others as required of good citizens.

The Office of Student Conduct strives to help students gain a‎ greater understanding of these issues of community values and behavioral expectations. If students engage in behavior that violates the policies of the York College Student Code of Conduct they are held responsible for their behavior through the student conduct process. The goals of this process are educationally focused.

We hope to help each student gain an understanding of what it means to be a respectful, responsible member of our community by discussing incidents, and by issuing sanctions designed to help the student better understand the impact inherent to their behavior. We also issue sanctions that focus on the understanding that adults must learn to be responsible for the consequences of their behavior. Consequently, serious or repeated violations of the Student Code of Conduct will lead to more serious sanctions.

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Student Resources

  • Student Conduct Resource Center

    Student Conduct Resource Center

    Welcome to the Student Conduct Resource Center.

    Each student at the College is a member of the academic community as well as the civil community of the College and the surrounding area. The Student Code of Conduct contains the expectations and standards of the York College of Pennsylvania community. Here you will find resources on what to expect when an incident occurs.

  • Student Conduct Guide

    What happens after an incident occurs:

    1. Incident involving a student and/or a student organization.
    2. Incident report is submitted to The Office of Student Conduct to be reviewed and for a course of action to be determined.
      • Reports are typically submitted by Campus Safety or Residence Life Staff.
    3. There are a few potential courses of action that can be taken:
      • The case is dismissed.
      • A hearing is scheduled and held with the student for alleged violation(s). 
      • Administrative Review (details of what an Administrative Review is can be found in the Student Handbook).
    4. If a hearing is scheduled and held with the student for alleged violation(s), there are two potential outcomes.
      • Student is found not responsible and the case is closed.
      • Student is found responsible for one or more violations and is assigned sanctions they must complete.
    5. If a student is found responsible and is assigned sanctions, they have two options following the conclusion of the hearing.
      • Student can submit an appeal to studentconduct@ycp.edu within 3 business days of the date on their Hearing Outcome letter. (See Appeal Guidelines and the Student Handbook for more information)
      • Student does not appeal and completes all sanctions.
    6. If a student submits an appeal to the Office of Student Conduct:
      • The Office of Student Conduct reviews the appeal and determines if the case will be reviewed by an Appellate Board.
      • If the appeal is reviewed by an Appellate Board, the Appellate Board has a few options: 
        • The Appellate Board can uphold the original decision and all sanctions remain the same.
          • The Appellate Board can adjust outcomes and/or sanctions. This includes lessening the sanctions or adding to the sanctions. 
      • Once the Appellate Board has made a decision, the student will be notified with an Appeal Outcome Letter sent to their YCP email address
    7. Once the appeal process is completed the case is considered closed.

    Reminder: If you have questions about your specific incident and what the process will look like, please email studentconduct@ycp.edu or call 717-600-3874.

  • Student Conduct Hearing

    What to Expect

    What to know:

    • You will receive a digital letter sent to your YCP email address indicating the date and time of your hearing.
    • Talk to your parents/guardian beforehand.
    • Arrive at least 5 minutes early, Business casual attire is suggested, and check in at the front desk.
    • Come prepared. This may include bringing notes, contacting an advisor and asking them to be present for the hearing, and/or requesting the incident report from Campus Safety ahead of time. (See Student Handbook for information on who can be an advisor)

    What to expect: 

    • You will meet with a Hearing Officer or Hearing Board.
    • No cell phones, smart watches, or personal items will be permitted in the room during the hearing.
    • Administrative Hearings last approximately 30 minutes and Board Hearings last approximately 60 minutes.
    • You will be asked to share a plea of “responsible” or “not responsible” for each alleged violation you are charged with. These violations will be listed on your Hearing Notification letter.
    • Typically, you will be informed of your violation outcomes and sanctions (if applicable) at the completion of the hearing.

    What comes next: 

    • You will receive a digital letter sent to your YCP email address that details the outcomes and sanctions (if applicable) shared with you during the hearing. This letter will also explain how to complete the sanctions assigned.
    • You will have 3 business days to file an appeal if you wish to do so.
    • Criteria to appeal is listed in the Student Handbook.
    • If applicable, an Appellate Board will meet and determine the final outcome.
    • Be sure to complete sanctions by the deadlines assigned so that you can register for courses, select housing, etc.

  • Appeal Guidelines

    Appeal Guidelines

    Important Reminder: This page is meant to serve as a guide. All instructions regarding appeals are listed in the Student Handbook. Before submitting an appeal please review the Student Handbook thoroughly. If you have any questions please email studentconduct@ycp.edu.

    Appeals must be submitted within 3 business days of the date listed on your Hearing Outcome letter.

    Appellate Boards will only be granted if at least one of the following appeal conditions is met: 

    • Prejudicial departure from the procedures outlined (Procedures were not properly followed)
    • Substantial new evidence or testimony not heard (New information has become available)
    • The sanction deviates from the guidelines provided and is unduly harsh or inappropriate.

    Your appeal letter should be a minimum of 200 words, size 12 Times New Roman font, standard margins, single spaced, and include the following that apply:

    • What charges/sanctions are you appealing?
    • What appeal condition applies to your case?
    • What is the new information? (if applicable)
      • Why was the information not available and/or presented at the time of the Student Conduct Hearing?
    • What procedures were not followed that affected the outcome of the case? (if applicable)
    • How are the sanctions unduly harsh or inappropriate? (if applicable)

    The appeal letter must be submitted by email to studentconduct@ycp.edu or in person to the Assistant Director of Residence Life for Student Conduct in the Residence Life Office (STU 307). The appeal letter must be submitted within 3 business days of the date listed on your Hearing Outcome letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to bring anything to my hearing?

    You are not required to bring anything to the hearing, however, some students like to bring water, paper and a pen, and notes they took about their incident. Please note that pertinent records, exhibits, and written statements may be accepted as information for consideration by a Student Conduct Administrator.

  • Can I reschedule my hearing?

    Responding person(s) will receive formal written notice of charges that includes a list of all alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct. Notice will be given at least two business days prior to the scheduled hearing. A hearing can only be rescheduled if it was originally scheduled during a time the student is in class or if there is an emergency.

  • What will happen if I don’t show up for my hearing?

    If a responding person, with notice, does not attend their Student Conduct Administrator Hearing, the hearing can occur in the absence of the responding person.

  • Is this part of my permanent record?

    A student conduct record is a part of the student’s educational record at the college. The college retains student conduct records for 7 calendar years.

  • How will this affect my major?

    If you have questions about how an incident may impact your current major we encourage you to contact your academic advisor.

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