York College students enjoying a spring day

First Year Seminar

Welcome to York College. Let's get started.
Get ready for a fantastic fall! York College has a great line-up of First-Year Seminar courses for 2020. FYS courses are small discussion and activity seminars for freshmen who are new to York College.
Your FYS will be intensive and rigorous, designed to intrigue you, challenge you, and help you raise your academic game to the next level. Your FYS experience will also help you meet people who share your interests, get to know the campus and its resources, and feel at home in your new college life. Most students will register for their FYS at Summer Orientation. You can prepare by browsing this catalog to see which topics interest you the most. See you in FYS on your Day One!
First-Year Seminar at YCP gives students the opportunity to better acclimate themselves to campus life. Download a transcript of this video.
Contact Us
First Year Seminar
Brian K. Malcarne, Ph.D., FYS Assistant Director
Diehl, Room 213
Phone: 717.815.3036
8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.