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Computer Science Labs

Our Computer Science Labs

  • Visualization Lab

    Visualization Lab

    The Visualization Lab is primarily used by the computer science seniors working on their Senior Design Projects.

    • Each student team is encouraged to set up a shared workspace (with PCs and whiteboards) for collaborative work.
    • The lab is also open to junior and senior computer science majors to work on homework and socialize with other CS majors.
    • Finally, the lab is equipped with a dual-projector steroscopic 3-D projection system.
  • Software Engineering Lab

    View of KEC119 - Software Engineering Lab

    The Software Engineering Lab is the main teaching laboratory for the Computer Science major.

    • It is equipped with 24 PCs in flip-top benches. The monitors and keyboards can be stowed to provide a flat work area for project work, such as hardware activities in CS100 (Computer Practice and Design Studio).
    • The lab features dual projectors to ensure a good viewing angle from all points in the room.
    • Finally, the lab is home to the CS major's high-performance Linux cluster, which features a 6-node, 24-core MPI cluster and a 16-core system for shared memory and GPGPU parallel processing.