A student works with a large machine in the chemistry lab

Chemistry Labs

York College's chemistry labs serve as dynamic learning spaces for students in majors like Chemistry, Biochemistry, Cannabis Chemistry, and Forensic Chemistry.

Two students work in a chemistry lab, surrounded by equipment.

General Chemistry Lab

The General Chemistry Lab is the primary teaching lab for chemistry courses like:

  • CHM 135: General Chemistry I Lab
  • CHM 137: General Chemistry II Lab
  • CHM 147: Advanced Chemistry II Lab

These are the General Chemistry lab courses for science majors.

A student wears safety goggles and gloves as she works with chemicals under a fume hood in the chemistry lab.

Organic Chemistry Lab

The Organic Chemistry Lab features equipment and workstations for students in courses like:

  • CHM 235: Organic Chemistry I Lab
  • CHM 237: Organic Chemistry II Lab
  • CHM 330: Introduction to Chemical Research
  • CHM 347: Physical Chemistry II Lab

Equipment includes: 

  • Energy-saving low-flow fume hoods
  • Pre-lab/dry area
  • Access to chemistry-specialized software
A student wearing gloves and safety goggles works with a machine in the chemistry lab.

Analytical Chemistry Lab

York College's Analytical Chemistry Lab features state-of-the-art instrumentation, allowing students to become familiar with a variety of professional laboratory equipment and analytical techniques. 

Thanks to the support of the Huber Foundation, York College is the first academic institution in the United States to possess a Shimadzu Infrared/Raman (AIRsight) microscope. Use of the AIRsight microscope is integrated into the curriculum for majors in Biochemistry, Cannabis Chemistry, Chemistry, and Forensic Chemistry.