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Digital Art and Artificial Intelligence

Prepare for high-demand, innovative career opportunities as you learn skills that blend traditional art and storytelling with AI technology.

The Digital Art and Artificial Intelligence (DAAI) program is designed to equip students with the skills they need for careers in gaming, animation, and visual storytelling. Utilizing generative artificial intelligence and other digital programs as primary tools, students will express narratives visually through diverse mediums in gaming, animation, and narrative illustration. 

Students will develop a firm foundation in:

  • Drawing
  • Animation
  • Creative Writing
  • Practical and ethical use of AI

You'll put your skills into practice through hands-on projects, ranging from gaming design to manga/graphic novel/comic book illustrations and publications.

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About the Digital Arts and AI Degree Program

  • Key Courses

    Digital Art and AI Courses

    York College's Digital Art and Artificial Intelligence major offers students the opportunity to gain proficiency in traditional artistic techniques, creative writing, and narrative storytelling — and then combine that skill set with a mastery of digital tools for image manipulation. Major courses include:

    • ART 213: 2D Animation I: Fundamentals
    • ART 264: Animation II: 3D Basics
    • ART 313: Animation III: 3D Advanced
    • ART 364: Animation IV: Production
    • ART 310: Storyboarding
    • ART 387: The Art of World Building
    • HUM 215: Intro to Generative AI for Creatives
    • CRW 275: Creativity
    • CRW 285: Uncreative Writing

    Applying to the Digital Art and Artificial Intelligence Degree Program

    Admission to the DAAI program requires an image portfolio. Portfolios should be submitted upon acceptance to York College for direct entry into the program. Alternatively, students may initially enroll as "provisional" without a portfolio but must submit it by the start of their third semester to continue in the program.

    Submit your application to York College of Pennsylvania.

    Learn more about submitting a portfolio for your Digital Art and AI degree application.

  • Career Opportunities & Benefits

    Digital Art and AI Careers

    Graduates of York College's bachelor's degree in Digital Art and Artificial Intelligence will be ready to contribute in a variety of roles related to visual creation and enhanced storytelling. Possible career opportunities include:

    • Animator
    • Game Designer
    • Visual Effects Artist
    • AI-Assisted Art Creator
    • Digital Illustrator
    • 3D Modeler
    • Character Designer
    • Concept Artist
    • Storyboard Artist
    • Comic Book Artist
    • Graphic Novelist
    • Multimedia Artist
    • Creative Director in Digital Media

    Benefits of a Career in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Art

    A degree in Digital Art and AI provides graduates with unique skills blending traditional art with artificial intelligence, making them valuable in industries that appreciate innovation and creativity.

    The intersection of digital art and AI is rapidly growing, ensuring high demand for professionals in the field with versatility in career options. York College's curriculum equips students to adapt to evolving technologies in digital art, providing a competitive edge in the job market. Additionally, graduates will experience creative fulfillment as careers in the field offer high levels of personal satisfaction, and allow for creative expression and the realization of artistic vision.

    York College works closely with students to identify how their unique interests, skills, and values align with their future career path. Learn more by visiting our Career Development Center.

  • Mentorship and Community

    Mentorship and Community

    Students at York College benefit from small class sizes and attentive faculty who know you by name. You'll work with professors who are invested in your success as they guide you through hands-on projects and skill-building opportunities.

    As a student in the Digital Art and Artificial Intelligence program, you'll also have access to explore more than 100 clubs and organizations.

  • High-Demand Skills

    Learn Digital Skills and Ethical AI Use

    At York College, your classes in the Digital Art and AI degree program will prepare you for both existing careers in animation, gaming, and storytelling — and careers that will develop in the future with the emergence of new technologies.

    As a DAAI major, you'll develop a wide range of highly applicable skills: 

    • Proficiency in traditional artistic techniques, including drawing, design, and visual narrative
    • Proficiency in creative writing and narrative storytelling
    • Mastery of digital tools for image manipulation, including the use of AI technologies to generate innovative art and enhance creative processes
    • Ability to conceive, execute, and present novel multimodal art projects that seamlessly blend artistic expression and AI innovation
    • Knowledge of industry professional practices and presentation
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