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International Relations

Taking on the idea of globalization head on, with life-changing study abroad experiences at your fingertips.

At its roots, international relations is about understanding global issues and world cultures, and tracing the political, social, ideological and economic history of the world. At York College, you’ll have the opportunity to see that first hand with our study abroad program that has sent students to continents around the world.

Typically, International Relations students are seeking careers abroad in government or private industry, degrees in journalism or education, or intend to pursue graduate studies. Our foreign language requirement adds an invaluable skill set, and all of our students must complete an international experience such as an internship or a full semester studying abroad.

Postcards from around the world near the International Relations program at York College
Study Abroad Australia York College
Traveling abroad to study? That's the kind of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that can transform your worldview and your career prospects.

Study Abroad

Anyone is eligible to study abroad, and for good reason — it’s a life-changing experience we don’t want anyone to miss. Find yourself studying in countries such as Italy, Japan, and Austria, gaining cultural understanding (and unbelievable memories) along the way.
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