A professor speaks to a group of students sitting in the film viewing room with black and white film on the screen over his shoulder.

Provisional Status

Students who are interested in Fine Art or Graphic Design, but are not yet ready to submit a portfolio, upon entrance, may declare themselves as Provisional Fine Art or Provisional Graphic Design majors, hereafter referred to as Provisional. Becoming Provisional indicates that the student’s intent is to eventually apply to Fine Art or Graphic Design, and assures assignment to an advisor who specializes in providing students with guidance towards the goal of acceptance into the desired major.

New incoming students should inform admissions of their intent to apply to Fine Art or Graphic Design upon acceptance to the college, and will then be processed as Provisional majors. New incoming Provisionals will receive a block schedule containing courses applicable to their desired eventual major, as space permits, with preference given to accepted and declared Fine Art or Graphic Design majors with deposits paid.

Current YCP students who wish to become Provisional should contact the Academic Advising Center, request a meeting with the Provisional advisor concerning the program’s status, then request a switch to Provisional if desired.

Becoming a Provisional major does not guarantee acceptance into either of the art programs. Provisional majors are subject to the same portfolio submission criteria and deadlines as new incoming students. Provisional majors should be prepared to stay at YCP at least a year longer than those who enter the programs as first-semester freshmen to complete their degrees. A student’s advisor will help them to progress through the programs as efficiently as possible once accepted.

* There is a limit of two times for portfolio submission.